Construction underway on Fischer Crossing theater


The new NCG Theater at Fischer Crossing is out of the ground and construction is ongoing. Fischer Crossing developer Scott Seymour said the 10-screen theater is still looking to open around Thanksgiving.

With the grading, infrastructure and foundation work completed, crews last week began putting up the walls for the 40,000 square-foot theater located on the northeast portion of the intersection of Ga. Highway 34 and Fischer Road.

Specific to the large northeast corner of the expansive Fischer Crossing retail development, the theaters will be situated on the extreme east side of that tract.

Seymour said moviegoers will access the theaters at the entrance soon to be constructed at the traffic light at Ga. Highway 54, a short distance to the east from the intersection of Fischer and Hwy. 34. A right-in, right-out entrance will also be installed just to the east of the traffic light on Hwy. 54.

The theaters will represent the only movie venue in east Coweta County. And situated only a half-mile from Peachtree City, the theater will be the closest source of movies for many in Fayette County. Two theaters currently operate in Newnan along with two others in Fayetteville.

Located along the north side of the theater parking lot will be a two-story, 27,000 square-foot building that will house a swim center and other shops, expected to open in March 2011. The opening will is expected to follow the opening of the Sam’s Club discount retail store located a short distance away on the northwest corner of the Fischer Road/Hwy. 34 intersection.

The 10-screen theater will be operated by Michigan-based Neighborhood Cinemas Group (NCG). Company vice president Jeff Geiger said previously that the theaters will be outfitted with 100 percent digital projectors and digital sound and will come with stadium seating that includes high-back rockers. At least three of the screens will be 3-D capable and all will feature first-run movies, he said.

Geiger said one of the theaters will include the NCG Ultra format, a company-specific design that presents first-run movies and other media on a screen approximately 50 feet wide and 30 feet in height and comes with high-end sound and seating, Geiger said.

Geiger said the arrival of NCG to the community will bring a different approach to the way movie-goers are accustomed to purchasing tickets and concessions. Rather than the usual approach of getting a ticket at the booth outside and snacks at the concession counter inside, NCG combines the two so that customers pay for the ticket and order drinks and popcorn at the same counter.

Another difference in approach comes after the purchase. Geiger said that, at the Fischer Crossing theater, refills on sodas and popcorn will be free of charge.