Incumbents, do you hear us now?


Prior to the primary election we heard the rumble of the voters and their loud objections to the 2009 SPLOST referendum.

The election on July 20 signified the official turning of the page on politics as usual in Fayette County.

Just a couple of weeks ago, incumbent politicians of all different stripes gathered for the photos that lined full-page color campaign ads. They were the inglorious symbols of political deafness in Fayette County. Surely Smith and Maxwell will be reelected. Why else would creditable politicians plant their name with two corrupt (who lost big) commissioners?

The overconfident county commissioners and their subordinates continually told their constituents to sit down and keep their mouths shut. The West Fayetteville Bypass was going to get built whether the constituents wanted the useless road or not. Not on our watch!

I wonder if they can hear us now. I wonder if they understand what is going to happen to them if they continue to totally disregard the people who placed them in the seats of power.

There is mini-revolution happening in this country and most of the incumbent politicians can’t see the tidal wave building on the horizon.

Our incumbents Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell ignored the warnings and pleas to stop being financially irresponsible with $50 million of our tax dollars aimed at the bypass.

The voters fired them for insubordination, and the level of political arrogance dropped several notches as all the once smug politicians in the color photos scrambled for cover.

So after two significant defeats in two years, let’s ask our Fayette County Board of Commissioners one more time, “Are you going to terminate phase II and phase III of the West Fayetteville Bypass known as the Road to Nowhere as the citizens have demanded?”

Your reasons for building the bypass, commissioners, are illogical and erroneous. Your rationale as to why you say the bypass can’t be stopped is even worse. Wrong! It will be stopped.

The July 20 election shouted, “Build no more empty schools” and, “Stop building the Road to Nowhere.” Commissioners Elect Brown and McCarty made the West Fayetteville Bypass the primary mandate of the 2010 election.

It would be extremely sad to see commissioners Hearn, Frady and Horgan close their eyes and cover their ears like Smith and Maxwell did. We are looking for some selfless heroes. Do we have any of those heroes on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners?

The people of this county have done everything but storm the county offices. Will the commissioners finally listen to the people of this county? Time will tell.

Commissioners Hearn, Frady and Horgan, give us a reason to have confidence in you. We’re watching you.

David Barlow

Chairman, Take Back Fayette County Committee

Fayetteville, Ga.