Healthpoint Pediatric friendly to families


Healthpoint Pediatrics opened its doors in 2004 in Tyrone by Dr. Marat Plotkin. He was motivated to open his own practice after providing ER services at Atlanta’s Scottish Rite and his goal was to provide an atmosphere in which parents are not rushed and are given time to discuss their children’s health with him. Healthpoint Pediatrics provides care to children ages newborn to 21 years old.

“Our goal is provide excellent medical care to our patients in a personalized manner, based upon trust and mutual respect with our families,” said Plotkin.

Plotkin attended Minsk State Medical Institute in Belarus, graduating in 1992 and followed with residency programs at Mayo Clinic through 1997 and Duke University through 1998.

In addition to preventive care including newborn care, well-child check ups, and sports physicals, Healthpoint Pediatrics welcomes families that are interested in both traditional and alternative treatment options for acute and chronic illnesses including ADHD, asthma, autism, food and environmental allergies, colic, developmental delays, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, skin disorders, and thyroid dysfunction. Plotkin offers a unique approach to ADHD, autism, and other behavioral or developmental disorders offering different types of testing and management. Also, Immunizations are available and recommended based upon the families request.

The staff at Healthpoint Pediatrics includes two excellent pediatric nurse practitioners. Both have advanced academic and clinical education in pediatric health care, pharmacology, child development, and family dynamics and have many years of experience providing care to children. Dr. Plotkin collaborates with the nurse practitioners to provide the best care possible.

“Our friendly clinical and administrative office staff is always eager to assist our families with their needs. The children love coming to our office because we provide a special treat following each appointment: a popsicle,” Plotkin said. “We understand that families have busy schedules. Our appointment schedule is monitored closely with our average waiting room time to be seven minutes and the average total time spent in our office is 39 minutes.”

Dr. Plotkin is dedicated to educating himself on the latest traditional and alternative treatments available for the management of acute and chronic illnesses.

“Many families have found relief from allergies, cold symptoms, constipation, and colic from the natural products we offer,” Plotkin said.

One example Plotkin cited was 4 year old Lauren who suffered from chronic constipation, stomach bloating, and stomach pain. After testing to rule out any serious condition, Plotkin worked closely with Lauren’s mom, advising changes in her diet and providing nutritional supplements. Several months later, Lauren no longer suffers from her previous symptoms.

The end of the school year is nearing which allows more time for children and teenagers to have their annual physicals. Plotkin and Healthpoint’s nurse practitioners are available to provide annual and sports physicals. Children entering public kindergarten are required to have a vision, hearing, and dental screen, as well as up-to-date immunizations. Don’t wait until the last minute; call now to schedule these appointments. If your child is having a difficult time in school, you could also schedule a counseling session with Dr. Plotkin to determine what the cause may be.

Healthpoint Pediatrics offers parents a chance to meet Dr. Plotkin and the staff before deciding if they would be a good fit for their family. Call to schedule a “meet and greet” appointment. Same day appointments are available for acute illnesses and minor emergencies, such as lacerations or fractures.

“Due to our important prompt schedule, we do request that you call first to schedule same day appointments,” Plotkin said.

Healthpoint Pediatrics is located at 105 Greencastle Rd. in Tyrone. Phone 770-631-1040 or e-mail