‘Ruby’ for Walgreens is not a good swap


Walgreens wants to tear down Ruby Tuesday? That’s one of my favorite restaurants: Great food, nice restaurant, nice-looking building.

And they want to put up a building three times that size? They will have to borrow parking space from Rite Aid.

Why not put Walgreens in the old Kroger space, across the street? They would have a lot more parking spaces.

I suppose they want to get as close as possible to Rite Aid. I’ve got a idea: Walgreens and Rite Aid get together, and build one big box … (excuse me) … one large building, paint a white line along the half-way point, on the floor, and each can post “better bargain” signs all along the line. Would make it a lot easier to spy on each other, for competition purposes.

Why should I care? I just hate to see Ruby Tuesday torn down. Would be such a waste.

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City Ga.