RS Free File Program Makes Online Tax Filing Fast and Free for 70% of Taxpayers


With April 15 just ten days away, the Free File Alliance, a coalition of industry-leading tax software companies partnered with the Internal Revenue Service, is urging every taxpayer with a 2009 Adjusted Gross Income of $57,000 or less  to take advantage of the IRS Free File program. Through this partnership between the Free File Alliance and the IRS, more than 98 million Americans can visit for access to the industry’s top tax software and step-by-step help preparing and e-filing their federal tax returns.

“With April 15th looming, taxpayers need to know that filing is just a click away, thanks to the IRS Free File program,” said Tim Hugo, executive director of the Free File Alliance. “All Americans who made $57,000 or less in 2009 can visit and use the industry’s best tax software to prepare and file their federal taxes online. The Free File program offers step-by-step help that completely simplifies the filing process to make it both fast and free. More than 98 million Americans qualify and should visit today.”

The Free File program is available on the IRS website, By clicking on the “Free File” icon, users will find a list of Free File Alliance member companies and can choose the one that fits their needs. Taxpayers are then transferred to the company’s website to prepare, complete and electronically file their federal income tax returns, just as they would on paper.  Three of the 19 participating software companies now offer services in Spanish.
About the Free File Alliance

The Free File Alliance, a coalition of 19 industry-leading tax software companies, has partnered with the IRS since 2003 to help low- and middle-income Americans prepare, complete and e-file their federal tax returns online. The Free File Alliance is committed to giving 70 percent of Americans free access to the industry’s top online tax preparation software. More than 25 million returns have been filed through the Free File program over the past seven years.  For more information, visit