Mom arrested for holding knife to daughter’s throat


A Fayetteville woman was arrested after an April 2 altercation with her daughter during which the she held a knife to the 15-year-old’s throat, police said.
Janis Miles, 42, was charged with aggravated assault with a knife, according to Fayetteville police spokesperson Steve Crawshaw. The daughter called 911 to report the incident, Crawshaw said.

Crawshaw said the two were arguing over flyers or letters that the mother was typing for her daughter. Miles later told officers that during the argument her daughter elbowed her in the stomach, Crawshaw said.

The daughter denied striking her mother, said Crawshaw, adding that the 15-year-old did say that during the argument the two fell backward and that her mother hit a chair. The daughter said that Miles then grabbed a steak knife and held it to her throat, saying that the girl was not going to hurt her anymore, Crawshaw said.

Miles admitted to police that she did hold the knife to her daughter’s throat, though she said it was in self-defense, Crawshaw said.

Miles was arrested at the scene and the daughter was placed with the Department of Family and Children’s Services.