Look up ‘radical’: You’ll find picture of President Obama


Did you ever wonder what a real home grown radical looks like? If not, just take a good look at our president.

This guy has been in office for only about 15 months and already, he’s made more left turns than a NASCAR Chevy on Sunday.

Some people thought Bill Clinton was a radical. Barack Obama makes Bill Clinton look like a Reagan Republican.

I suppose that radical ideology must be like drugs: it kills brain cells and impairs judgment. Obama took office in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Instead of attacking the economic crisis, he forces passage of a multi-million-dollar healthcare plan that most Americans don’t understand or want.

In the meantime, scores of Americans — myself among them — are in the process of losing everything we have.

Good judgment, Mr. President? I think not. After all, when my family and I are living in a box, we’re probably not going to worry much about a healthcare plan.

Oh, one more thing — Obama says that the health bill isn’t going to affect my taxes. And, the health bill is going to reduce the federal budget deficit.

Our president seems to think that everyone but he and his leftist friends just fell off the turnip truck. Even my 10-year-old is smarter than that. We were watching the news one night while the healthcare plan was being discussed. My son scratched his head and asked where the government gets trillions of dollars. I guess our president must not be smarter than a fifth grader.

Government healthcare is just the tip of Obama’s radical iceberg. Before he’s done, he’ll go after some of our basic freedoms.

More than once I’ve heard him speak of curtailing gun ownership. So watch out, Billy Bob, Barack wants to come get your pistol.

When Mr. Obama took office, didn’t he swear to uphold the Constitution? That pesky old Second Amendment must be quite a thorn in his side.

Then there’s something called the “fairness doctrine.” That one is a favorite of both Obama and Nancy Pelosi. In a nutshell, the “fairness doctrine” means that radio and television programs which offer partisan political commentary would be forced to give “equal time” to an opposing view point.

So if you tune in to Glen Beck’s hour-long show, you might have to listen to 30 minutes of Al Sharpton. Beck would be out of business.

Pretty clever, actually. Obama and Pelosi could eliminate free speech and freedom of the press with the “fairness doctrine.” How fair is that?

Obama, Pelosi, and their radical friends will also seek to further undermine your first amendment right by passing “hate speech” laws. This is a real good one.

Their definition of hate speech would be saying anything that contradicts the liberals. Pure and simple. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

So, speaking out against illegal immigration would be “hate speech.” Speaking out against certain politicians that you might not like, “hate speech.” Speaking out against certain religious sects that like to bomb things, “hate speech.” Speaking of religion, hate speech laws could put your preacher out of business. Making moral judgments against certain lifestyles would most certainly be hate speech.

The radicals from the sixties didn’t just go away. They got haircuts, joined the Democratic Party, and began indoctrinating a new generation with their leftist philosophy. Barack Obama is one of the results.

These people see nothing inherently special about America, and they want to reduce us to the level of some depressed little European country. To these people, the United States Constitution is nothing more than an obstacle to overcome in their quest to manage every aspect of our lives.

Believe me, these people are not red, white and blue. They’re just red. So, folks, let’s take back the House and Senate in November. Then Mr. Obama will be quacking like a duck in 2011, a lame duck.

Jerry Bivens

Concord, Ga.