Socialism: Power to the autocrats


Let me just begin by stating the obvious. Socialism has never worked in any society that desires to be prosperous and free. Time after time governments, nations, and cultures have tried to be successful in implementing a utopian socialistic society where everyone is taken care of and no one goes without.

It has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried. There is either not enough money or free goods to sustain the needs of the needy or too many freedoms are lost in order to make the people comply and they rebel.

Today, the implementation of socialism is much more insidious than in the past. It is being put into place as a wall or barrier in order to protect the autocracy and the autocrats.

The leaders of past socialistic societies were aristocrats, ordained by the people who gave them this authority. The autocrat of today seems (while not technically) to be more self-appointed than elected and therefore is held with much less regard and respect.

While both want to inflict the will of government on the people, the aristocrat was able to protect his authority through his ordained appointment.

Socialism is the mechanism that the autocrat uses to protect himself and prevent others from penetrating into that realm of autocracy and privilege.

Programs must be introduced in order to protect and care for the people because there is no way that you as an individual will ever be able to achieve what the leaders possess. They must convince everyone of that and never provide an incentive which would cause anyone to think otherwise.

The desires and representation of the constituents is ignored and overridden. Therefore, achievement is punished by taxing all that you have earned and the achievers must be accused of ill-gotten fortune. Success as an individual or as an entrepreneur is selfish and those who don’t need the blessings of government are ridiculed.

So, why do we allow this? Why has a nation that was based on individual freedoms, inalienable rights, and constitutional protection find itself succumbing to this hideous socialistic rule? Is it because we are stupid? Is it because we are envious of others’ successes and find it easier to just tear them down? Is it because we are lazy, benevolent, self-absorbed, and/or asleep?

What is even more amazing are the people who actually embrace and accept socialism as an acceptable form of rule. They are very willing and content to lap up the drippings that are granted to them by the autocrats and then praise their name as though this is something new and wonderful.

In order to maintain power, more socialistic programs must be created and existing ones must grow. Without another crisis to solve and people to care for, why would we keep them in power? What would be the point?

We would start having to solve our own problems in our own lives, back yards, neighborhoods and communities. Individuals and private organizations would begin filling the gaps and people would come to realize that they may not need the existing government programs after all. That must not happen because then the wall would come crumbling down.

It’s built on sinking sand anyway. So, they better and must keep it propped up.

Bret Martin

Peachtree City, Ga.