Commander honored as PTC Firefighter of the Year


David Williamson, Battalion Commander for the Peachtree City Fire Department was selected by his peers as the 2009 Firefighter of the Year.

Williamson is described as a self motivated, enthusiastic and attention to detail type of person who has been instrumental in many aspects of  recent department improvements. He is sensitive to the needs of volunteers, career members and the community, as well as coordinating and integrating those needs.

Williamson was involved in preparing the Fire Department, the Fayette County 911 Center and the Fayette County Water System for the Insurance Services Organization inspection that took place last year. His work resulted in the Department’s improved score by lowering the ISO rating from four to three.

This lower rating will result in thousands of dollars saved for the citizens of Peachtree City. Those savings will be reflected in improved homeowner’s insurance rates. 

Williamson continues to manage the EMS side of the department, making improvements in the “management of care” area for patients. He has coordinated efforts by the front line responders and the medical director in the process of updating and upgrading EMS protocols. 

Williamson has also collected data and prepared reports necessary to respond to questions asked by management, city council members and citizens of Peachtree City.

Commander Williamson served in the U.S. Army and received a B.S. degree in social psychology, management and human resources from Park College. He also holds an associates degree in fire science from DeKalb College. He and his wife Cheryl reside in the suburbs of Concord, Ga.