Rep. Fludd needs an economics lesson


Here we go again with another tax on the “evil rich.”

It seems as though Rep. Virgil Fludd has gotten marching orders from President Obama with his tax policies.

And when was the last time that the government proposed a temporary tax with the promise to repeal it at some point? Ask the voters in Richmond Hill, Ga., when their leaders proposed a “temporary” SPLOST in 1973.

Obviously, Mr. Fludd does not know the basics of economics in that when you raise taxes, revenues go down.

He should also remember that the “evil rich” are the ones with the money to start and run businesses and hire the rest of us.

This proposal is a typical Democratic response to a shortfall in government revenues. How about taking the approach the rest of us do in our budgeting and cutting expenses to make the budget balance?

I am not a member of the over $200,000 club, but it irritates me when politicians use class warfare to try to institute tax policies.

Before adding more taxes to my budget, clean your own government house and run things more efficiently.

William Dent

Fayetteville, Ga.