World Gyms launch third ‘I Lost It At The Club’


Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions that people make each year and by the end of February or beginning of March, the determinaton they felt at the beginning of the year is starting to wane. That’s where a program like “I Lost It At The Club,” at the three World Gym locations in Fayette County can help not only re-energize a weight loss campaign or kickstart getting healthy and fit but also start a lifestyle change that can be followed for years to come.

“I Lost It At the Club” has run two other times at the local World Gyms. The program has seen 360 local people participate and lose 3,450 pounds total. Participants join a team made up of 6-10 other people who meet once each week with a trainer for an hour long class that is guaranteed to get you moving. The team gets some homework each week, including attending other classes at the gym and keeping a food log, and is encouraged to support and push each other through the program. There is an opportunity for prizes based on team and individual greatest percentage of weight loss. 

Each class starts with a weigh-in. The class format each week is also different with the trainers mixing up the aerobic and anaerobic exercises they offer. One class may end with the team jogging around outside, while other classes might look just like a Boot Camp or one of the other popular Group Fitness classes the gym offers. Each team’s trainer keeps in touch with the team members through e-mail with fitness and nutrition tips. Participants also receive 10 percent discounts on all smoothies, clothing, supplements and one Polar Watch purchase. 

The program lasts from March 1-May 2 with a week off for spring break (Apr. 5-11). At the end, teams gather for a Night of Celebration and Awards, giving everyone a chance to recognize what they and everyone else involved has been able to accomplish in a short period of time. For instance,  the overall winner of last year’s competition lost almost 40 pounds in eight weeks. 

“This is a jump start for the rest of your life,” trainer Jeremy Gritton said, stressing the importance of establishing clear goals at the start of the program and verbalizing them with others. “Share that with someone that can hold you accountable and cheer you on.”

The fee for the program for gym members is $175 and the program is open to non-members as well who can purchase a nine week membership for the run of the program for $99. The 9 week membership gives one access to all three gyms through the duration of the program.

“Anyone who wants or needs to lose weight in order to improve their health should join this program,” said general manager Kim Hershey. “You bring the desire and a commitment to exercise more and eat proper nutrition and our motivating trainers and staff will do the rest. We won’t let you down.”

There are 31 different days and times to choose from spread out among all three locations. The deadline to enter is Friday, Feb. 26. Visit for more information or call Peachtree City -770-631-8004, Fayetteville – 770-716-5755, Hwy 54 – 770-487-4273

Editor’s note: Michael Boylan participated in the last “I Lost It At The Club.” His columns chronicling his journey can be found at under his columns. He will also be participating in this go round as well, sticking with one team and following his and their challenges and successes.