Crosswalks: Laid-off teachers could use the money

[Recently] I wrote on the waste and worthless projects our government creates in the name of “your tax dollars at work.”

Since it was published, I have received several calls from concerned citizens agreeing that this project should never have been started. I also received a letter from one of our county commissioners, and that is what i would like to address.

Quote from the commissioner: “I agree with you 100 percent that this money is wasted, not well spent and that this crosswalk will never be used. I do want you to be aware that the funds used were from the stimulus money from Washington, D.C., and are not spent by the county. The Fayette County Board of Commissioners has no input on this project.”

What kind of answer is that?

Are you telling me the county will never have to pay for maintenance, repair or upkeep on them? How about paying for the electricity they use? Are you also telling me we have no input or say on how we run our own city and county, or what we spend our money on?

Do you mean to tell me that this is the only place in the county where we could spend a few hundred thousand dollars? Are you saying that we couldn’t hire more police and pay their salary for a year or two? How about teachers, or rehiring some people that have been laid off? How about helping people pay their rent or mortgage or put food on their table?

No, we have to have a crosswalk that will never be used. This is insane!

A pig is a pig, no matter what kind of dress you try to put it in. Waste is waste, and you and I are paying for it. This money is not “Obama Stash money.” It’s still our hard-earned tax dollars that are being wasted.

We need common people, who have common sense to run our federal government as well as our local government. Once again, vote these irresponsible people out of office, and put people in who won’t spend what isn’t theirs.

Thomas R. Henry

Fayetteville, Ga.