Solve 1 eco-problem, create bigger mess


Madness, it’s all madness. We are being inundated with all sorts of advertisements regarding another of the global warming hoax problems. All of the products we are developing now to solve the nonexistent global warming problem cause other kinds of problems.

Street lights that are LED are not hot enough to melt the snow in the cities where it snows. So, sometimes they are shorting out because of the water that seeps in. Many motorists can’t see through the snow that accumulates on them and accidents are occurring. The old stoplights, not street lights but the stoplights (you know, red, yellow and green), used to melt the snow off of them because they’re hot. They warm up. These don’t.

Break a compact fluorescent light (CFL) and you’ve got a haz mat situation on your hands. Those “in the know” would have you leave your house because the mercury that leaks out is so poisonous.

Check out the nickel-cadmium batteries in hybrid cars that are one of the worst things ever invented. You talk about Styrofoam being a problem; these things will rot the Earth eventually.

Tried any of the new environmentally friendly paper towels lately? The ones that use eco-soft, green, friendly, recyclable paper? You can’t even pull them out of the dispenser. They tear off into little strips in your hand so you wind up with these tiny strips all over the place and you’re wasting all kinds of paper.

Our “Save the Planet” friends are creating all of these problems to fix a nonexistent hoax. Best of all, they will swear up and down, oh, it’s been proven; oh, they have consensus (despite all of the evidence to the contrary that our temperature has not risen in the last 10 years).

So, let’s talk about long-term trends. Ten years is a pretty good length of time. We’ve got one of the coldest winters in 25 years going on right now. Look at some of the stories. China just had record-setting cold and snow. The Midwest is bracing for heavy snow, wind chills of 50 below zero. Cold weather is packing hospitals. Twenty-two deaths have been reported from unusual cold in the U.K. In Texas it’s freezing cold, with record-setting temperatures in North Texas.

The supposed ice problem that we have, the ice pack, the sea ice, the nonexistent 40 percent loss that Al Gore had to take back just a couple of weeks ago. All of this stuff that they throw out there and just see if it sticks.

A good number of scientists are finally being exposed for their lies trying to find global warming that doesn’t exist, trying to fudge numbers, trying to eliminate certain numbers from reports that won’t prove their point.

You don’t see that Al Gore is making all kinds of money from this hoax? What could be their motivation? If they are not just trying to save the Earth, why would they do this?

Money. They’re making money. GE — do you think that really GE just brings good things to life? No. Not for some time now.

Google now wants to start distributing energy. They created a subsidiary last month called Google Energy. It then applied for approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to be allowed to buy and sell power much like utilities do.

What do you think the odds are Google, these progressives, should be allowed to do that? I think they’re pretty good. You can’t see what’s going on here? Really?

Dave Edinger

Peachtree City, Ga.