Obama sparks crisis of American identity


Of all the odd things Barack Obama has said and done in his short tenure as President, there is one bold statement that so clearly demonstrates his fundamental lack of understanding of America, its people and its history that it begs scrutiny.

When Barack Hussein Obama said, “America is not a Christian nation,” he couldn’t have been talking about the giving nature of Americans, since an important part of the defining essence of our people is their willingness to open their hearts and wallets to others.

He had to be referring to Christianity as a group of Christ-based religions, but to what purpose did he make that statement? Was he asking us to question our individual faith, the well-documented Christian foundation of our nation, or was he preparing us for a religious reformation here in America or perhaps he was merely confusing our religious founding with our religious freedom?

Whatever his intent, he has fanned the flames of an American identity crisis. Those are powerful words coming from a powerful individual to whom many people listen very closely.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Freedom of religion, the God-given right we cherish, the right to believe or not believe and to practice or not practice the religion of one’s choice in the manner one so chooses, is not mutually exclusive to the fundamental identity of our Christian America. Generally speaking most religions, different as they may be, share basic Christian values.

These same values taught in our churches, temples, synagogues and mosques allow us and indeed require us to measure their contributions to the fabric of the American experience as a whole. Finally, it should be obvious to all Americans that any religion or sect thereof that teaches sinister values has no place in our American landscape.

Marc Lugash

Peachtree City, Ga.