FIS civic club donates to Angel Tree program


Kids Club members at Fayetteville Intermediate School are reaching out to help other kids in need throughout the Fayette County Public School System.

Through their community outreach efforts, the club earmarked $150 to benefit the CARE (Children at Risk in Education) program’s Angel Tree that provides nontraditional gifts such as clothing, After School Program scholarships and extracurricular program fees for students in need. All adults in the household must be employed in order for students to qualify for the program.

Club members held mini-fundraisers throughout the year to collect money to help improve their community at large as well as their own school environment. In addition to the donation made to the CARE program, the club gave money to UNICEF and Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless program. A portion was also donated to Fayetteville Intermediate to help purchase items that will benefit children at the school.

K-Kids Club is service organization for elementary students sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. K-Kids is a student-led community-based organization that operates under school regulations and draws its members from the student body. The 40-member club at Fayetteville Intermediate is made up of third, fourth and fifth graders. The club’s mission is to build a better local and global community by giving of time, money and efforts to help others.

“K-Kids is important because we help our community by fighting hunger and getting needed materials to those who don’t have much,” says fourth grader Melanie Mikoy.

The K-Kids advisors are Maria Sherrod, school counselor; Sherese Floyd, fourth grade teacher; and Monica McDaniel, fourth grade teacher.

“Our K-Kid members are an awesome bunch of kids who want to make a difference in their community and that is what they did when they donated money to CARE of Fayette County,” says school counselor Maria Sherrod.