Tired of long-winded former mayor; what’s big deal about 1 traffic light?


The elections in Peachtree City are over, yet The Citizen continues to publish articles submitted by our former mayor, Steve Brown, that are better measured not in column inches but in column feet.
His article, “Advice to new Council,” printed on Dec. 8, could have just as easily been delivered individually to the five members he was addressing. I, for one, am tired of reading what he thinks and how he feels about the issues. Why must he continue to bang the same old drum? Am I the only person in all of Peachtree City who doesn’t care about another traffic light in the western end of town on Ga. Highway 54? I doubt it.
I still don’t understand why Mr. Brown and his followers feel so strongly about that traffic light. Do they work in Coweta County and drive that stretch of road on a daily basis?
The only time I drive there is when I need to go shopping. I know I will be driving slower while I pass through the shopping areas and so I’m never annoyed by it. It’s what I expect and it’s what I allow for when I go there.
Will another light really make that big of a difference? On average, will it even add 30 seconds to the time it now takes to get from the Hwy. 54-74 intersection to the city’s western boundary? The only time the lights on that stretch have ever bothered me is when I was trying to get to Rita’s before they closed one night. A quick phone call by my wife and they waited for us. Problem solved.
Personally I’m more annoyed by the new light on Hwy. 74 and Wisdom Road. Where were all the anti-lightists when that was being pushed through?
John Munford’s Dec. 8 article on Peachtree City SPLOST leftovers identifies several traffic studies currently taking place that could result in traffic lights in places I drive on nearly a daily basis.
Do we really want Peachtree Parkway dotted with traffic lights, possibly at Walt Banks Road, Braelinn Road, Robinson Road, and Redwine Road? “Intersection improvements” for Crosstown Drive? Does that mean more traffic lights there as well? I sure hope not.
Mr. Brown advises the new City Council to just say no. If he includes all the new traffic lights being considered for the Peachtree City roads, then he and I will have at least that to agree on.
David Widtfeldt
Peachtree City, Ga.