Confessions of a pacifist — Part 3

[Continued from last week] Eventually I received orders to report to Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. I began attending a church in the Woodbridge area and attended a mid-week Bible study in the home of a staff sergeant. All of the Bible study attendees were Marines and the wives of those who were married. […]

The kidnapping of Twin Brother Mark

There are many memories I cherish from time spent growing up on Flamingo Street: climbing trees, then riding them slowly back down to the ground as they bent over, performing flips off rope swings into cool waters of Cripple Creek, and weekly water balloon and dirt clod fights. But this story isn’t about any of […]

Try to remember . . .

You wonder how these things begin. For Harvey Schmidt, co-writer of the longest-running musical in history — who died recently at 88 — and his collaborator, Tom Jones, it began when the two were students at the University of Texas. In a sense it really began in their romantic hearts. No one could have written […]

Should you not use certain words with children?

By John Rosemond When I began reading “The 9 Words Parents Should Never Say to Their Kids” (Jan. 5, 2018,, I was skeptical that essayist Patrick Coleman’s point of view would line up with my own, and I wasn’t disappointed. Coleman began by saying that certain words have “overwhelmingly negative consequences” to children but […]

When 2 worlds blend

It is no secret that when John Tinker arrived in the rural heartland of the Deep South, he was thrust into a cultural environment as different as custom-made wrought iron gates are from barbed wire. Yet this son of New England patriots and Hollywood star-makers eased comfortably into a world that is in such contrast […]

Do we really want a data center here?

I read quite a bit of hand-wringing into the loss of a Facebook data center. I have a hard time understanding the overwhelming sorrow. It makes me wonder if people even understand what the giant data centers actually do. I have helped design and manage very large data center environments. If we do our job […]

Bikes and cart path speeding

I would also like to add my story about the tunnel under Cameron Trail. My husband and I were in the tunnel when a teenage girl came barreling into the tunnel from the hill, and we thought we were doomed. We didn’t have time to run back or out of the tunnel in order to […]

Life must be respected

In a recent Washington Post column, Ruth Marcus defended the right to kill a child in the womb if it has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She was responding to recent laws or proposals to ban the practice in various states. In so doing, she highlights the moral depravity of the pro-choice position. At one […]

Self-righteous stars sink Oscars

Small wonder at the dismal ratings for Oscar Night! It used to be such a happy occasion when hosted by such as Bob Hope and, more recently, Billy Crystal. Everyone was united in having a good time and celebrating with such outstanding stars as Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia de Havilland, […]

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