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PTC fire chief resigns

Update Friday 4:20 p.m. PTC clarifies that Eiswerth resigned, did not retire as first mentioned

Peachtree City Fire Chief Edwin Eiswerth has resigned this week following a sexual harassment and retaliation complaint from a 49-year-old female firefighter, Martine Piers.

Peachtree City released a statement Thursday afternoon stating that Eiswerth is resigning effective Jan. 1 and that the city is aware of the allegations and is conducting an investigation. The city said Eiswerth’s last day on duty was Tuesday and that he is on paid leave through the end of the year.

The Dec. 13 federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint by Piers — provided by her attorney Steve Mixon to The Citizen — alleges a number of sexually-related incidents that had their genesis after Piers began working as a volunteer firefighter in 2007. The alleged actions ranged from flirtation to asking for sex to forcing his way into her hotel room while attending a conference last month in Florida.

Contacted Thursday, Peachtree City Clerk Betsy Tyler provided a statement confirming that Eiswerth has announced his retirement effective Jan.1, adding that his last day on duty was Dec. 18 and that Eiswerth is using leave time until the end of the year. Assistant Fire Chief Joe O'Conor will lead the department in the interim.

Tyler said the city first became aware of the allegations on Dec. 17 and, “is still investigating this matter and gathering facts. The city has a very strong policy prohibiting workplace harassment and similar conduct, and has taken an aggressive stance to prohibit and remedy such conduct in the past.”

The EEOC complaint states that Piers began as a volunteer firefighter in 2007 and obtained a full-time position in late 2010.

“Chief Eiswerth has always expressed a sexual interest in me,” the complaint said, noting that it was after Piers went to full-time paid status that Eiswerth would often come by the station when she was on shift and would sometimes want to talk for extended periods. “(I) made it clear that I was not interested in pursuing a sexual relationship.”

The complaint said Eiswerth accepted Piers’ 2011 application for appointment to the department’s Board of Volunteers. Eiswerth subsequently asked Piers if she was familiar with the term “friends with benefits” and implied he would take care of her needs, the complaint said.

“Chief Eiswerth told me that he has had sexual relations with other subordinate female firefighters and is very discreet,” Piers said.

Piers said she, along with approximately eight other firefighters and Eiswerth attended a Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VFCOS) in November 2011 where Eiswerth, “kept trying to get me to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, made it a point to always sit by me and one night said, ‘what will it take to get you to have sex with me?’ I responded that is was not going to happen.”

Piers in the complaint maintains that Eiswerth reiterated that he “done this before” and would be discreet and that she “can’t blame a guy for trying.”

The complaint states that in 2011 and 2012 Eiswerth sent Piers so many text messages that she had to change her phone number and would sometimes ask if her could come to her house. Those advances were rejected, Piers said.

Piers said it was last month when things got out of hand at the VCOS conference in Clearwater, Florida.

“During the conference, Chief Eiswerth was even more actively trying to get me drunk,” Piers said.

The complaint maintains that, at one point, the firefighters attending the conference went to her hotel room, though all left just before 10 p.m. when she said she wanted to go to sleep.

“... but Chief Eiswerth did not want to leave. (He) kept saying this was our opportunity. I kept insisting that he leave, and ultimately he did. Within minutes of him leaving he started texting me. (He) said he couldn’t believe that I made him leave, that everyone was asleep and that he wanted to come back up,” the complaint said.

Piers in the complaint said Eiswerth returned to her room at approximately 10:25 p.m. and forced his way in.

“At that point I feared for my safety. I was scared. With him in my room, I went to the doorway and refused to go back into the room,” Piers said, noting that Eiswerth continued to ask her to come back into the room and said they could have a lot of fun. “I repeatedly told him I did not want to have sex with him. Finally, he came outside but was very angry,”

The complaint says Eiswerth continue to text Piers, wanting to come up to her room.

“I knew he would continue to pressure me to have sexual relations with him if I allowed him to come back to my room,” the complaint said.

Piers said after the group returned to Peachtree City Eiswerth announced that he was looking for a new applicant to the Board of Volunteers.

“The city ... is investigating this matter and gathering facts,” according to Tyler, the city clerk and public information officer. “The city haas a very strong policy prohibiting workplace harassment and similar conduct, and has taken an aggressive stance to prohibit and remedy such conduct in the past.”

The city also is defending Police Department Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark currently against an EEOC complaint filed by a former subordinate who alleged that Clark retaliated against her and caused her to be transferred out of the department. Lisa Ficalore’s EEOC complaint alleged only retaliation, not sexual harassment.

Eiswerth has been chief since mid-2007. According to stories published in The Citizen in 2007, Peachtree City didn’t have to go far to select an acting fire chief to replace the retiring Stony Lohr in early 2007.

The department’s assistant chief, Eiswerth, was named to the position by then-City Manager Bernie McMullen.

In addition to serving as assistant chief under Lohr, Eiswerth worked with Lohr at the Weber Fire Station which came to be affectionately known as “Fort Weber” with the military style under which Lohr and Eiswerth operated it when they were on duty. Both were retired lieutenant colonels from the military.

Eiswerth first joined the Peachtree City Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter/EMT from 1989 to 1992, earning recognition as rookie of the year in 1989 and firefighter of the year in 1990 and 1991. He left the department in 1992, but returned as a full time firefighter/EMT in 1994, earning his paramedic certification in 1995.

Eiswerth was promoted to operations/EMS captain in June of 1998, and was named assistant chief/operations in October of 2001.

Eiswerth has a Masters of Science in public administration and a Bachelor of Science in forestry. He is a Level 3 certified fire officer and Fire Instructor, a level one certified fire inspector, and a certified hazardous materials first responder.


[The following is the “Charge of Discrimination” filed by the 49-year-old female volunteer firefighter with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:]

I began working for the above-named employer as a volunteer around 2007. Around November 2010, I was hired as a full-time firefighter.

Chief Edwin Eiswerth has always expressed a sexual interest in me. As a volunteer firefighter, Chief Eiswerth flirted with me, but I felt no pressure to engage in a sexual relationship with him.

However, after I started full-time in November, 2010, Chief Eiswerth would come by the station where I was working on most of my shifts. Chief Eiswerth would come by when he was off duty, and want to talk — sometimes for hours.

I engaged in conversation with Chief Eiswerth, but I made it clear that I was not interested in pursuing a sexual relationship. Despite this, Chief Eiswerth continually pursued a sexual relationship.

In January, 2011, Chief Eiswerth accepted my application and appointed me to the Board of Volunteers. I believe in part Chief Eiswerth appointed me so that we would have more opportunities to spend time together and to attend conferences together.

Chief Eiswerth asked me if I was familiar with the term "friends with benefits" and implied that he could take care of my needs.

Chief Eiswerth told me that he has had sexual relationships with other subordinate female firefighters and that he is very discreet.

In November, 2011, I attended the VCOS conference with Chief Eiswerth and approximately 8 other Peachtree City firefighters.

Chief Eiswerth kept trying to get me to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, made it a point to always sit by me, and one night he said, "What will it take to get you to have sex with me?"

I responded that it was not going to happen, and he said, "You can't blame a guy for trying. We will be discreet. I have done this before, it will be OK."

I made it clear that I did not want to have a sexual relationship with Chief Eiswerth. I kept telling Chief Eiswerth that I was not interested, but he continued to pressure me to have a sexual relationship with him.

In 2011 and 2012, Chief Eiswerth texted me so often that I had to change my phone number approximately every four months.

Chief Eiswerth would ask me to meet him somewhere for a drink because he wanted someone to talk to, or want to come over to my house. I rejected all his advances.

Also in 2012, Chief Eiswerth came to the bunk where I was sleeping; he pulled back the curtain on my bunk, and said, "You're not asleep, are you?" I told him I was asleep, and refused to talk at length.

Things got really out of hand at the VCOS Conference in November 2012. This conference was in Clearwater, Florida. During this conference, Chief Eiswerth was even more actively trying to get me drunk.

I had been assigned a suite, and it was cold outside, so all of the Peachtree City firefighters came back to my room after dinner. Just before 10 p.m., I made it clear that I was ready to go to bed.

The other firefighters left, but Chief Eiswerth did not want to leave. Chief Eiswerth kept saying this was our opportunity.

I kept insisting that he leave, and ultimately he did leave. Within minutes of him leaving, he started texting me. Some of the texts from Chief Eiswerth are attached.

Chief Eiswerth said he couldn't believe that I made him leave, that everyone was asleep, and that he wanted to come back up.

Around 10:25 p.m,. Chief Eiswerth came back to my room, and forced his way in; at that point I feared for my safety. I was scared.

With him in my room, I went to the doorway and refused to go back into the room. Chief Eiswerth continued to ask me to come back into the room and talk with him, saying this was our opportunity and we could have a lot of fun.

I repeatedly told Chief Eiswerth I did not want to have sex with him. Finally, Chief Eiswerth came outside, but was very angry.

Chief Eiswerth said, we will both regret this. Ultimately, he left, however he continued to text me saying that everyone was asleep, that we should not miss this opportunity, and that it was still early, and wanting to come back up to my room. I knew that he would continue to pressure me to have sexual relations with him if I allowed him to come back to my room.

When we got back to Peachtree City, Chief Eiswerth announced to the department that he was looking for a new applicant to the Board of Volunteers.

Chief Eiswerth still came by my station and wanted to talk with me. I refused to talk with him other than to say we're OK.

I believe I have been sexually harassed and retaliated against in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.



you little POS.

So, that's it? Eddie gets to ride off into the sunset with his biga$# taxpayer pension and play possum? And what, the taxpayers have to pay out another settlement?

Let me say this to all you jerk male mgt. and supervisors who have been playing the little boy tee hee game with your %$#@ and underlings for who knows how long...Pack up your desk and disappear NOW. The EEOC is all over this city like a bad rash.

See, the longer you humiliate yourselves with your very small mind and other even smaller body parts, the larger the recipient can make their case and rack up the big litigation bucks. Retired military officer? That what you see in the mirror, Eddie?

Innocent until proven guilty...unless it is an EEOC investigation. If this was your husband or father would you want folks bantering around calling you names. Heck I don't blame him for resigning. Until all the facts are verified I wish folks would act like adults instead of middle school girls. I am surprised that people work for less pay at public sector jobs when their lives are under a microscope and subject to public comments like those posted here. I also take offense at folks saying his pension should be taken away..what if something like this happened to you and after 20 years your company said well you have been accused of doing wrong so we are taking your 401k away.

You left one thing out in your list above. Could it be that there has been an admission to the actions outlined in the EEOC complaint?

ptctaxpayer's picture

You grab a middleaged gal in the ass and you get a 2 week paid vacation and a retirement--- wow, that's pretty sweet. Our City is so screwed up.

Councilmember Fleisch--- you ain't got any idea what in the hell is going on with your city. If I were you, I wouldn't be running for Mayor=== I would be running from City Hall.

Well..... Seems the two of them are best buds in more ways than one. Ed- sorry you're not from Florida. You might have been told to stay and work. God knows the city condones the behavior - Skippypoo still has his job.

PTC Council??? Could you please take a look at what you are enabling? Jesus, enough all ready. Slap the ones that are causing all of this instead of the line workers. They are so friggin scared they are lying during internal investigations now. Wait till the EEOC gets that amended charge!

Another one of Bernie McMullen's favorite hacks bites the dust. Ed, you and that disgraced old wind bag are two of a kind. You should go into business with him and the former mayor. Bernie could teach you more of his old tricks regarding the harrassment of employees. He was an expert.

There are a lot of things not right here.

1. The city should have fired the fire chief in lieu of letting him retire.
2. If the allegations are correct, it would seem like this behavior would be known within the fire dept and possibly the city. It's a crying shame no one had the cajones to report this. Nothing like this goes unnoticed. There should be more people fired, suspended, ect. if they knew and turned a blind eye. The fire dept is not supposed to act like a drunken fraternity.
3. Speaking of reporting, it sounds like this woman was harassed right from the start of her volunteer induction and then into her full time paid position. What happened to her was wrong, but why did she wait 5 years to report it? There should be some type of statute that prohibits damages if there were no reports filed, say after the third unsolicited occurrence.

abeautifulday4us's picture

Mrs. Fleisch-- Answer these questions:

(1) Have you known about these systemic abuses of females in PTC ?

(2) What are your CURRENT plans, as a councilmember, to get a hold on some many departments that are getting sued and seem out of control ?

I don't expect you to answer. I expect you to run for Mayor and, if elected, to do whatever the staff tells you to do and ignore whatever they tell you to ignore.

Mike King's picture

Just A Suggestion: Why not suspend Chief Eisworth without pay until the matter is resolved. If he is exonerated, then allow him to retire as his privilege. If guilty, terminate the pervert and allow him to face civil action on his own dime. Retirement is not a right, but a privledge.

Now, if the city has known of this for some time, the Mayor and Council should all resign as they have surely demonstrated neglect and exposed the city to both another lawsuit and embarrassment.

NUK_1's picture

Yeah, the PTCFD has been like Animal House on steroids for quite a while, but no one has seemed to notice. You had "management" caught watching porn for 8 hours a day on the job for weeks and nothing besides a "temporary demotion" done to them and also scandal after scandal involving a female management FD member whose name rhymes with "Peki," but all OK there, no problem.

This isn't even the beginning of the crap that will come out later in relation to PTCFD. It won't all be Eisworth's fault either.

Hey City Council and Mr. Mayor…what in the h _ _ is going on with your Dr. Pennington and his organizations? How many more lawsuits do the tax payers have to pay before his tenure with our city is taken into question?
His two top public safety Chiefs have “major” litigations (our tax money) filed against them…and as you know more to become public soon!

For god’s sake…enough already! We tax payers are feed up with the negative publicity and multi lawsuits because YOU have hired incompetency. Sounds like it’s time to make a house call on the Doctor!

Yes, one could certainly question the timing of these charges (right after Lisa wins!)…but the fact remains…where there’s smoke..there’s fire…(no pun intended)!

And then he is allowed to retire! Get real will you?

Get a grip on this outrageous disgraceful publicity and lack of “professional” leadership from our Chiefs!

Clean up this mess NOW!

pandora's picture

All five should resign, and take the good Doctor with them. We've lived with no leadership for 3 years. This would at least be a step in the right direction. Can't believe our town has come to this, and the blame rests at the top.

He was the hero PTC deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Hats off to you, Fire Chief guy.

NUK_1's picture

[quote=MikePatton]He was the hero PTC deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Hats off to you, Fire Chief guy.[/quote]

Are you any relation to the dude with the same exact name in PTC who got busted having sex at Battery Park in the middle of the night a few years ago and trying to flee on a golf cart butt-naked from the cops? That also owned a biz in PTC called "Mike's Big Adventures" or similar? Just curious.

If that's not you, sorry you share the same name with that person.

I do remember reading about that. I don't remember the catchy name. Maybe it was "Mike's Small Adventures".

NUK_1's picture

Fleeing naked on a golf cart while drunk and naked.....that's living the life there. What could go wrong?

Betsy Tyler's picture

The article above correctly quotes the statement released yesterday. This afternoon, the City issued a revised statement as follows:

"The City can confirm that the City Manager accepted Chief Eiswerth’s resignation effective Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

"The City first became aware of allegations on Monday, December 17, and is still investigating this matter and gathering facts. The City has a very strong policy prohibiting workplace harassment and similar conduct, and has taken an aggressive stance to prohibit and remedy such conduct in the past.

"Any further response or other comments regarding the allegations would be premature at this time."

Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

We need to focus on the fact that the rank and file firefighter in Peachtree City does an outstanding job. I have spent considerable time with Doctor Pennington and the first two shifts. Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a vacuum in political leadership in this city. This is no longer acceptable. I assure our fire fighters that there will be no retaliation as a result of anything uncovered by the city's investigation. We appreciate the fact that these fine man and women knowingly place themselves in harms way for us. They deserve the same diligence in our investigation that they show us in the performance of their duties. They will have it, and rest assured, I am taking a very active and personal interest in ensuring that all city employees have the work environment that they deserve. I know that our managers and directors also want this. In fact, I am proud of our staff and the job that they do, and have complete faith and confidence in them. Any problems will be found in the course of our investigation and dealt with per city policy. We will turn the corner, and I am confident that Dr. Pennington is close to achieving his goal of giving our city the government that you deserve.

pandora's picture

George and the good Doctor have it all under control. Mr. Deinhart, you've played a 1/5 role in your "vacuum in political leadership" for the past year. Good grief.

Mike King's picture

Grow up! The most important thing is to provide a professional work atmosphere from top to bottom in our town. From that you may garner the best workforce available in light of the budget your oversee. You guarantee no retaliation, but that possibly implies that you're willing to cover up transgressions so that no one else is harmed.

The problem is that this is but the second of embarrassing episodes that our fair city is to endure. To get beyond them will require leadership that is sorely lacking.

Nothing in my post stated we would cover anything up. To the contrary, I have promised there would be no retaliation to anyone that reports any perceived transgressions during the investigation. You appear to be looking for something else to complain about. I assure you that I have quite enough to deal with regarding this situation without you putting words in my mouth.

I get it, you are mad and you should be. Don't add to the problem by insinuating a cover up where none exists. Trust that I am working to ensure the city does this right, as well as ensuring the well being of the rank and file. Don't insult us both with ridiculous statements to the contrary. You were a career army officer, and I know from past conversation with you that you took care of your troops. You understand the importance of that. I am doing my job, bash me if do it incorrectly, but not for taking care of those that honor this city with their service.

Don Haddix's picture

Stop talking about legal matters. This is being handled by the City Manager and the City Attorney appropriately. No elected plays any role in that investigation for legal reasons.

I will be advising both the City Manager and City Attorney you are on here posting about this matter.

Of course there will be no retaliation. That would be illegal, improper and immoral.

You are out of place and out of line here.You are not doing your job. For once, obey the Charter:
<strong><cite>Sec. 2.12. - Council Interference with Administration.
The city council and its members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the city manager solely through the city manager except for purposes of gathering needed information which is of routine matters or is the type of information which such officers and employees can easily and quickly assemble. Except as provided above, the city council and its members shall not give orders directly to such officers and employees, either publicly or privately, but shall coordinate all orders and instructions through the city manager.<cite/><strong/>

You obviously don't know what role either Council or I could be required to play in legal issues involving employees. You sure don't know what I have done as Mayor, which is different from being a Councilmember.

Stop talking.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I haven't given any direction to city employees. I have given my input to Dr Pennington. In the future you may want to take time to read before replying. In doing this, you may learn to stop talking before making incorrect statements. Once again, you are placing your reelection campaign ahead of the city and its employees. This is my last post to you this subject.

Don Haddix's picture

My bubble is still there. I have correct information. I am very aware of what you have been doing the last couple of days.

Stay away from the employees and stop talking. As you are already aware, I am not the only one having a reaction to your blogging here and letting you know about it.

Having been on three Councils with two mayors and a total of 7 different Councilmembers, you are the only one who has not understood when legal matters arise to stay away and don't talk.

As far as your repeated references to the next election, you stated you were thinking about running for Mayor. Ever since you have been in campaign mode. I am talking about your comments here, not elections.

I am doing my job as Mayor. You are politicking. Maybe trying to recover from losing on the Salary issue and having to retract your accusations.

Whatever it is, it does not belong on this topic. So stop talking.

Enough said.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>



The citizens know that Haddix is a complete and total jackass.
There is no reason to engage him in any discussion.

His "real" record will come out in detail if and when he choses to run for re-election.

There is an old saying..."When the fish stinks it stinks from the head down". You can now add 2 EEOC complaints to his record. Directly and/or indirectly since Dr. Pennington was hired on his watch after running out Bernie plus as mayor he is ultimately responsible.

No matter how you slice or dice it, he owns it. He also owns his committee when they recommend the service cuts. He owns his anti tax increase stance in relation to the service cuts, and his poor judgement in attacking council members publically. He can not distance himself from any of this..

Oh, he also owns his $12,000 "improper" personal pocket lining, running off Joey, insulting our last mayor AND the Federal Discrimination lawsuit filed by NorSouth Development, filed because he violated proper planning process by not allowing NorSouth due process on their zoning request, Haddix spoke out of turn and biased the process. I can give you 10+ people who can confirm that one.

George - this is just a short list of Haddix's "stuff"... There is 6 years of stupidity that will come out soon enough. It will be far worse than what he did to Cindy in the last mayoral election and what he tried to do to Eric when he ran again.

My point....stay out it.
Haddix has no credibility, so engaging with him here just associates yourself with him.

mudcat's picture

after all he is very good at doing that. Your short list is a ready-made campaign brochure for Vanessa. Pretty easy mayoral campaign for Vanessa as he can't turn any of this back on her without looking like a fool. He owns it, so let him drive it. After the stealing money thing, I'm most upset by the Norsouth deal. That was such an obvious setup by those people and their attorney after they saw who they were dealing with. I hope we don't have another of those before his short stay in office ends.

Notice how quiet Pennington is in all this? Might he be vulnerable? When Vanessa takes over she can get a female city manager - Chris Venice or better yet - our very own Betsy Tyler. I hope Randy and Terry announce in the Spring.

Yes George, Larry gives good advice - just let him keep driving his little clown car with all that baggage around in circles. It only ends one way.

Mike King's picture

Instead of chiding Dienhart for his recovery from losing the salary issue, why don't you admit your responsibility for your PERSONAL actions and not expect the citizens of Peachtree City to shoulder the cost? Any honorable individual would have admitted their fault, and apologized before it came to litigation as was the offer given to you.
Do you really believe you can win reelection having bilked the taxpayers for over $12K?

The only reason Don is replying here is to Flex his Muscle. A good manager would speak with them directly and not in a public forum. But remember I said a "Good Manager". Don, there was nothing accomplished by replying in this forum other than to pontificate for which you did.

As for the Salary issue, we hope to address that in our next election. You are not what I want.

The real cause of global warming is Politicians Hot Air.

MajorMike's picture

"haven't given any direction to city employees. I have given my input to Dr Pennington"

So Jim Pennington is now not a city employe? The sound of BS alarms going off is deafening.

C'mon Mike, 'directions' & 'input' are commonly two different things--don't know about you, but I consider 'input' to be 'advice' or 'position' or 'view' something close to those. Granted are two things: I don't live in PTC; I don't know George, but we share military backgrounds. I think he's much smarter than the Mayor gives him credit for (even if he was a Marine!)

NUK_1's picture

The city mgr is hired by and reports directly to City council. Unlike all the other employees at the city, this is the one position where it's expected that the council has direct involvement.

MajorMike's picture

NUK_1 - Exactly - "The city manager is hired by and reports directly to City council"

When your boss gives you "input" or "advise", what would you call it? Dienhart was out of line or, if you prefer - hypocritical. I don't think council involvement is expected as much as Council awareness and concern.

From the reports, the charges, and the Chief's reaction to the charges, it's appears to <strong> me </strong> at least, that he had a bad attack of "male menopause" and is about the pay the price(s) for his indiscretions.

Let the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the appropriate agencies do their job without interference from any member of our dysfunctional Council.

You never know, part or all of the charges could prove false. Eddie E. has given decades of honorable and expert service to this city, let's give him the benefit of a fair hearing on the charges and keep petty politics out of it.

I tried repeatedly to post this as a reply to your comment but kept getting a "service failure". I owe AHG a reply also as soon as I find out if my machine is acting up or its the Citizen website.

cogitoergofay's picture

The apparent reliance on staff (in particular Dr. Pennington) appears excessive. While the Council bickered over a $10,000 reimbursement to the Mayor (which they later conceded), no one was giving their undivided attention to the budget. Mr. Dienhart is part of that phenomenon. That's when Staff works its will and the Council is frequently misled. That is what has been happening here. I agree--- the alarms have been going off !

Mr Mayor you are correct but calling George would have been more appropriate.


Haddix writes: "This is being handled by the City Manager and the City Attorney appropriately.


This is precisely why City Hall is so damn dysfunctional.

We need real leadership.

NUK_1's picture

[quote=Don Haddix]
Stop talking.[/quote]

If only you had listened to your own words of wisdom, there might not have been a Norsouth fiasco and there sure wouldn't have been the PTC taxpayers being on the hook for 12K due to the fact that you couldn't shut your mouth and decided it would be really cool to slander the ex-Mayor for the hell of it.

You have zero standing to tell anyone else to "stop talking" and my best advice to you is real simple: SHUT THE HELL UP AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE. Stop running your mouth on ANYTHING. You not only display your lack of intelligence, your lack of anything resembling class and your lack of any maturity every time you attempt to be some kind of "leader," but you also embarrass the city. Just STFU.

You're a real disgrace to PTC and lack anything resembling grace, class, leadership or common sense.

You didn't say anything wrong so don't listen to that hot air bag Mayor Haddix!! Can't wait to see the three instigators get the boot! Fleisch and Haddix both running for mayor is a real loser. Learnard the gossip is no better.

I'll take Mike King over those three trouble makers!


NUK_1's picture

Unfortunately, two of the said directors you are referring to under "managers and directors as desiring a workplace that employees deserve" are also two people getting rightfully hammered at the moment. Contact me offline and we can meet and discuss.

I agree with you that almost everyone employed in PTC does a helluva job. It's sad that they happen to be working for some real scumbags above them. They and the citizens deserve better.

I understand the limitations of anyone in the PTC Council in this area as you're not allowed to micromanage the employees or directors, but you can set the vision and going forward there is a culture in the PD and FD that needs to change dramatically.

Email me at dienhartforptc@google.com, I am unsure of how to contact you.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It seems that with some of these EEOC cases you are guilty until proven innocent. If he is guilty the evidence should way that out..That PTPD case is a joke...

americanpatriots's picture

"You guarantee no retaliation, but that possibly implies that you're willing to cover up transgressions so that no one else is harmed.”

How did you come up with that ridiculous assumption? Nothing in George’s comment suggests he is willing to cover up transgressions.

Somethimes you make logical asrgument, but this certainly was not one of them!

Mike King's picture

Between the police and fire departments there is more embarrassment to come. The assumption may not be as ridiculous as you believe, time will tell.

The PD case is a totally different thing..a wimpy women who takes way too many days off because she has women trouble and doesn't sound like she was a prize when present...

how badly this department is in need of overhaul. And I am not speaking of those who do their job and serve this city as well as they do. They should be aware that their professionalism is not to be questioned here for any reason.


1s0k's picture

The overhaul was needed and consider it completed with the removal of those two individuals. The remaining leadership are more than capable and much more competent.

I agree. Nice to hear from you. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all -

“for unto you a child is born” ...”he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”


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