Starbucks, stay closed


I went to Starbucks to get my periodic “Venti” jolt dispensed by my favorite “barista,” only to find a sign on the door: It was closed for racial-bias training.

Disappointed and not willing to go through caffeine detox, I brought my refillable cup (doing my part to save the planet) to McDonald’s and ordered a  small Green Mountain Blend, served by a very courteous minority “waitperson.”

Read the newspaper, did some emails, solved many of the world’s problems with several Starbuck’s customers, used the restroom, all for $1.

A win-win, as I also helped provide sustenance for a Sumatran coffee-grower family of six, their village and four goats.

What was in my wallet? An extra buck fifty.

All in all, a rewarding, all- inclusive and profitable late afternoon.

Michael Velsmid
Peachtree City, Ga.