Peachtree City Post Office service issues draw congressman’s attention

U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson, 3rd District.

Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) on Oct. 19 announced an action plan to address ongoing problems at the Peachtree City Post Office. The Congressman’s staff has been meeting with local and federal officials to rectify these issues since March of this year.

The plan will correct ongoing complaints lodged by residents including:

• Poor facility conditions,

• Poor customer service at the Peachtree City Post Office, and

• Systemic problems with mail delivery including mail not being delivered by 6 p.m.; wrongfully notated attempted deliveries; tracking system errors (packages not at the correct postal facility); lost packages or certified mail; improperly processed mail holds; and packages being left in places that resulted in damage.

“We have heard complaints from a number of constituents about the Peachtree City Post Office,” said Ferguson. “It is unacceptable that these problems have persisted for so long, and I am thankful for the recent measures of my staff, local leaders, and U.S. Postal District Managers have taken to correct these issues for residents.”

Peachtree City Clerk Betsy Tyler had the following suggestions for those experiencing problems at the post office:

1) Report the issue to the Peachtree City Post Office at (770-486-6802)

2) Allow the post office 24 hours to resolve the issue

3) For issues not resolved in 24 hours, file an official complaint online at and provide the detail requested. This is a national complaint form and ensures tracking of unresolved complaints on a regional level.

4) Email Congressman Ferguson’s office via (please select “Post Office” as the subject and note that this is an “Official Complaint,” provide details, and let them know if the issue has been reported to and whether it has been resolved or still pending).

Ferguson’s comments followed meetings between city and post office officials.

In order to correct these issues:

•The Atlanta District Manager for the U.S. Postal Service approved additional funding for needed maintenance to the Peachtree City Post Office and the Fayetteville Post Office Annex.

•A quality assurance program has been instituted to ensure the post office is providing quality customer service and mail delivery. This includes additional nightly checks to ensure all mail has been delivered.

•Since July, all mail delivery routes in Peachtree City have been re-verified, GPS tracking has been implemented on postal letter carriers and all postal employees have received additional training.

Ferguson asked local residents to continue to report issues and complaints through official channels. The district office will continue to help consolidate ongoing concerns with questionable customer service at the Peachtree City Post Office.

All ongoing customer service concerns should be reported online via the US Postal Service Personnel Customer Complaint portal. To report a problem in your area, please:

1) Go to

2) Select send email.

3) Choose the category that fits the issue you are experiencing. If you have a package delivery issue please select “Where is my Package” and input the tracking number. For general mail delivery issues please choose a category under “Where Is My Mail.” For issues with a specific employee please choose a category under “Personnel.” For issues with the Postal facility, select a category under “Postal Facility.”

Residents should also feel free to contact the Congressman’s district staff at 770-683-2033 with additional concerns.

For general concerns, complaints and compliments, customers may contact the Postal Service directly at 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777). Customers who believe they’re victims of mail theft should call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or file an online mail theft report at