BoE plans gift to visioning initiative

The Fayette Visioning Initiative is a good idea, one that should be provided with a financial contribution. That was the May 5 opinion of the Fayette County Board of Education.

Comments by the school board in response to an April 30 letter from the Fayette Visioning Initiative asking for a consideration of support had board members favoring such a move.

Board member Leonard Presberg said the school system has a big stake in the activities of the initiative and the county’s future.

Board member Barry Marchman agreed, saying the school board should support the initiative with both representation and dollars.

Board member Bob Todd also agreed, saying the supporting the initiative is a worthwhile move.

The letter from Fayette Visioning Initiative co-chairs Bob Ross and Trey Ragsdale reviewed the ongoing activities of the organization.

“We have already enjoyed significant community support and are confident of its continued presence. That support is in the form of services, facilities, supplies and financial contributions. It is in regard to financial support that we appeal to the Fayette County Board of Education today,” the letter said.

Superintendent Jody Barrow at the board’s direction said that at an upcoming meeting he will propose an amount of money to be given and provide the source of those funds.