Support the Midwest Food Bank — as Georgia as grits

Volunteers load fresh vegetables for distribution to charities across the South from Midwest Food Bank in Peachtree City. Photo/Jack Bernard.
Volunteers load fresh vegetables for distribution to charities across the South from Midwest Food Bank in Peachtree City. Photo/Jack Bernard.


“The cycle of food insecurity shouldn’t end at a food bank. The cycle should support people to get on their feet and thrive in life. Success in what we do means they no longer worry about where their next meal is coming from or how they are going to feed their kids the next day.” — Pat Burke, COO & Executive Director, Midwest Food Bank.

The front pages of many American newspapers are filled with depressing stories about political issues and problems. We do not hear enough about entities which are fighting the good fight. Organizations like the Midwest Food Bank (MFB) a charitable agency whose Georgia warehouse has been located right here in Peachtree City since 2011.

Established in 2003, MFB’s faith-based mission is to alleviate “hunger and malnutrition locally and throughout the world”. It also provides disaster relief in emergency situations.

And it has succeeded amazingly well in tackling a massive problem. In 2023 alone, MFB distributed an astounding $482 million worth of food internationally to 2,400 non-profit agencies. Through its efforts just last year, 1.3 million people were supplied with food products during their time of need.

As a member of the Peachtree City Rotary Club, I volunteered to work at Midwest Food Bank’s local distribution facility, which in 2023 alone hosted 4,366 volunteers. I had heard a little about it prior to my volunteering … but did not realize what an asset MFB is to our community and the world.

I was also absolutely amazed at the number of people of all ages, abilities, races and ethnicities who had come to freely give their time to help the less fortunate. And I decided that people here in Fayette County needed to know more about it.

The original not-for-profit was started in the Midwest but has 10 locations nationwide (serving 23 states) as well as 2 international locations in Kenya and Haiti.

The Peachtree City operation serves over 230 non-profit agencies throughout the South, providing them with free food which they distribute without charge to those in need.

In 2023, Midwest Food Bank Georgia distributed over $30 million dollars worth of free food to their nonprofit agency partners, which consist of food pantries, soup kitchens, child feeding programs, homeless shelters, and more.

In affluent communities like Peachtree City, we may not realize how hard it is for many families to get nourishment. In the USA, nearly 13% of all households face food insecurity. At the same time, it is estimated that 30%-40% of our food supply goes to waste.

Midwest Food Bank recognizes that in America it is not a food shortage issue, but rather a food distribution issue. MFB is able to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and put it in the hands of those in need in our community.

MFB has been successful in partnering with numerous producers to obtain food which would otherwise be discarded due to various reasons, including the expiration dates on food products. MFB food donors include well-known names such as Pepsico/Quaker, CocaCola, Kelloggs, Delta, Tyson, Panera, Costco, Bob Evans, Del Monte and Nestle.

I am not a fortune teller, but I can read your mind after reading this column. You are asking “how can I help?” There are three ways:

• You can volunteer your time. People are needed to sort, pack and distribute food.

• Organizations can co-sponsor MFB events such as the Fore Our Community Golf Tournament, Miles for Midwest 5K, the Harvest of Blessings Benefit Dinner and the MFB Pickleball Tournament.

• People can donate directly. A one-dollar donation will be turned into $30 worth of food for the needy.

For more information, just call 770-486-1103, visit their website at or email