FCHS Celebrates Decision Day


As the class of 2024 reaches the end of their high school years, they find themselves faced with choices about what their next step in life will be. Will I go to college? Which college is the right one for me? Or perhaps a military career is the right decision. Regardless of the choice made, the decision making process can be daunting. The Fayette County High School Counseling Department thinks that this decision, once made, is something to be celebrated. On May 3rd they did just that.

Fifty six Seniors, who represented 24 colleges and two military branches, participated in Fayette County High School’s first annual Decision Day Event. With the help of the FCHS Parent-Teacher-Student Organization, the support of FCHS Administration, and a generous donation from P&H Design Works LLC, the celebration was a memorable moment for both students and parents.

Each student’s college was represented by tables decorated with balloons and college swag. With the booming roll of the FCHS Band drum corp, the seniors entered the gym with parents and peers cheering them on. “To experience this contagious atmosphere of accomplishment with my daughter who passionately expressed appreciation was a fascinating feeling of joy and satisfaction,” stated Paula Freeman, proud parent of senior Zariah Freeman.

Many seniors proudly wore their college shirts and some were greeted by their college representatives as they approached their table. When asked how she felt about Decision Day, participating Senior, Neva’eh Dennard, said it “truly was a moment to reflect on the success we created here at Fayette County High School.” FCHS teachers were also in the crowd cheering on their seniors. Math teacher, Suzette Weinhardt, described Decision Day as “an amazing event, allowing our seniors to showcase their future while inspiring our juniors.

Giving all seniors the opportunity to share with their friends and family their future plans in such a positive environment was extremely heartwarming. The students had a blast!” The FCHS Counseling department wishes all the best to the class of 2024 as they approach graduation and then embark on a new chapter in their lives.