‘Disturbed’ man at amusement park arrested after officers found pistol and knife on him


Among recent arrests across Fayette County are various suspects who attempted to cover up their wrongdoing by pretending to be other people.

According to a police report, officers responded the afternoon of March 28 to an establishment in Peachtree City in reference to a suspicious female on the premises. During her encounter with police, she gave a false name and date of birth.

It was discovered that she had active warrants from the sheriff’s offices of Coweta and Henry counties. Police searched her and found in her waistband a loaded firearm which was reported stolen out of DeKalb County. In her purse were two small baggies of methamphetamine, two glass pipes, a scale, and identification belonging to three other females, the report stated.

Kelsey Kinsella, 31, was charged with theft by receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, illegal possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, giving false information to law enforcement, and possession of drug-related objects.

Elsewhere in the county, a Fayette County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said a man entered the Furniture Expressions store on Hwy. 85 the afternoon of March 27 and attempted to buy a large amount of furniture using another person’s identity and credit card. Store management was able to stall him long enough for deputies to arrive, and he was taken into custody.

Felony charges against Sanchez Ingram, 34, of Atlanta include four counts of financial identity fraud and one count each of theft by deception, financial transaction card fraud, and violation of the RICO Act.

An unrelated call came in that same day from the Fun Spot on Hwy. 85. The caller reported that someone was on the premises “acting strange,” according to an FCSO spokesman.

Deputies arrived and found the man near the food court, noting that he was “disturbed,” the report indicated. It was discovered that he was a former employee at the amusement park and had entered the premises using an employee entrance, bypassing the security measures in place for guests. Deputies found a .22-caliber pistol and a knife in his possession.

The suspect had made some threats that he might try to harm someone, according to the report. During questioning, his statements gave deputies enough concern about his state of distress at such a location that they took him into custody.

No one was harmed, and there was no actual incident involving the suspect, an FCSO spokesman noted.

Amaijuan Love, 19, of Jonesboro was charged with terroristic threats and acts and possession of a firearm/knife in commission of a crime, both felonies. He also faces misdemeanor theft and marijuana charges.

A man who attempted to shoplift some items at a store on Crosstown Drive was picked up March 27 by Peachtree City police, and it was learned that he was on probation at the time.

The jail log lists four felony charges against Terry Wallace, 45, of Newnan. Those include two counts of theft by shoplifting and one count each of drug possession/sale/manufacture and possession of tools for commission of a crime.