Fayetteville, GA – On February 25th, The Olivet Church, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. William Holmes Robinson, hosted a remarkable Heritage Sunday event themed “Living the Legacy Every Day.” The day commenced at 9:30 AM with a deeply moving worship service in the main sanctuary, where Pastor Robinson delivered an inspiring sermon on “A Legacy of Endurance,” reflecting on the origins of the community and honoring its trailblazers.

Aligned with the sermon’s motif, The Olivet Church had the honor of warmly welcoming State Representative Derrick Jackson of Georgia’s 68th House District, and his wife, CaMia Jackson, former State Representative of House District 153.

Immediately following the service, attendees were invited to the administrative building to explore the Black History Museum, where they embarked on a journey delving into the rich tapestry of Black heritage. Through reflection and tribute, participants had the opportunity to celebrate pivotal moments of resilience, illuminating the past, celebrating the present, and igniting hope for the future.

The event paid homage to the enduring spirit of ancestors and the impactful struggles of the civil rights movement, acknowledging significant milestones such as historic sit-ins, the slave trade, contributions made by Dr. James McCune Smith, Collin Capernick, Motown Records, and the iconic March on Washington. A special tribute was dedicated to the groundbreaking election of President Barack Obama, and the historic tenure of Vice President Kamala Harris, alongside other trailblazers whose legacies continue to inspire.

Entitled “VIBING Through History,” the event spotlighted the innovative spirit of young entrepreneurs within The Olivet Church community, which included a cosmetology business: Styled by Nae, as well as food and beverage businesses: “Lemon Delights by Malina” and “CK I Got It.”

The event culminated in a heartfelt invitation to join The Olivet Church community in worship and exploration of Black heritage, with a stroll through the Black History Museum, proudly presented by the children and youth Vibe Ministry.

The church expressed immense pride in the Vibe Ministry for hosting this impactful event, highlighting their dedication and commitment to preserving and celebrating Black heritage.

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