Local drug dealer faces felony murder charge following fatality

Levi McElwaney arrest. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Levi McElwaney arrest. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

— Fayette County man arrested in connection with overdose death —

A Fayetteville man has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with the sale of illegal drugs.

Charged with murder for selling Oxycotin to a man — not identified — who subsequently died of an overdose is Levi McElwaney, 23, of Fayetteville, Ga., according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest came after deputies and investigators responded to a drug overdose on Jan. 26, 2024.  Upon arrival, the sheriff’s department said, they learned a man had died and found suspected Oxycotin at the scene.

Investigators tracked the source of the pills and charged McElwaney with felony murder and use of a telecommunication facility to facilitate a drug transaction.

“Sheriff Barry Babb has made it a priority to pursue drug dealers that have known or should have known that the illicit drug they traffic may result in an overdose,” the department news release said.

“I believe this case meets all the elements of murder and we’re not backing down. I hope this case will encourage others to take the same route,” Sheriff Babb said.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is committed to ensuring the well-being of our community, the news release said. The agency will continue efforts to combat drug trades and drug use in out county in order to create a safe environment for everyone, Sheriff Babb said.


  1. Not to be a stickler for facts or anything but this drug dealer is not ‘the source’. This drug dealer is just a spoke in a wheel of a well oil machine. A machine that starts at the top then goes down. Not the other way around. The ‘source’ is apparently untouchable. Just my observation.