Joe Clark: Incumbent details campaign for another term on Fayetteville City Council


Hey, everyone, it’s Joe Clark and I’m running for reelection to the Fayetteville City Council. I’m always invigorated by the chance to connect with our citizens.

Since relocating to Fayetteville in 2015, I’ve been entrenched in community betterment. My journey began with building better relationships with those in my immediate neighborhood, collaborating with non-profits and actively participating in civic organizations to assist those in need.

Over the past years, my role has evolved. I served as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, which taught me about the intricacies of nurturing small businesses and neighborhoods to guide our city’s development.

In 2019, I was honored to be elected as a city council member of this incredible community, a position I devote myself to daily.

And my involvement isn’t limited to council meetings: I’m an integral part of many ongoing initiatives like the Downtown Development Authority, which has contributed our downtown area’s revitalization, including the City Center Park Complex, which has become a space which so many of our citizens relish.

I’m fortunate to collaborate with a forward-looking mayor, a unified city council, and a remarkable city manager and his team. Because of our teamwork, Fayetteville is healthier than ever. It’s been a lot of work – but it’s work I love.

And I’m proud to say we’ve been recognized as the Most Livable City Center Award in all of Georgia by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

One of the contributing factors to our statewide recognition was the selective, targeted approach to development in our city. We desire true community partners to join us in improving our quality of life, and to protect that ambition we generally reject a dozen plans before approving one.

This attitude of excellence has also been maintained through the recently ended 18-month moratorium on new development.

Today, the sizable private investments in Fayetteville totaling billions of dollars aren’t mere happenstance — they’ve been intentionally nurtured. And once realized, these projects’ tax revenue could alleviate homeowners’ tax burdens.

We shine in Fayette County due to teamwork, public-private partnerships, and responsible management of your taxpayer money.

We envision Fayetteville as an ever-evolving city. Our goals encompass smart development, economic growth, and creating a community-centric lifestyle that is inclusive to all our residents – younger and older, actively working and retired, those building those families, those who have finished that race, and those who haven’t even started it.

Our schools are primed to educate our students and enrich their career-readiness more than they ever have been, as the Fayette County school system currently serves fewer students than it did in 2014.

Our endeavors like partnering with the Town at Trilith have been fruitful. The City of Fayetteville Cultural and Performing Arts Center broke ground earlier this year, and it is expected to bring world-class entertainment that all our residents will enjoy.

Our 20-Year Comprehensive Plan — a combined effort of city officials, staff, and citizens — underscores our ambition. Its not just a beginning, it’s a path to an inclusive Fayetteville, a city where diversity thrives, and imagination knows no boundaries.

Stagnation is one of the greatest risks for a city like Fayetteville. Our initiatives, from enhancing public safety to the creation of new greenspaces, like the Ridge Nature Center, and the expansion of our pathways ensure our city’s long-term vibrancy.

We’ve prioritized our first responders, as evidenced by the 45% pay raise for entry level officers and fire fighters during my time as a city councilman. Crime is at its lowest in years in Fayetteville, and this support has helped both departments achieve national recognition and ensure that you live in one of the safest cities in America.

To me, community is paramount, and Fayetteville is home. I’ve dedicated my energy to making it a place we can all be proud of. I urge you to support my campaign, for together we can envision and realize a brighter future for Fayetteville.

Remember in November, Vote for Joe Clark. Thank you.

Joe Clark, incumbent

City Council Post 2

Fayetteville, Ga.