Joe Clark announces run for reelection for Post 2 Fayetteville City Council


The results speak for themselves. During my term on the City Council Fayetteville has become a shining beacon of what’s possible when you follow our city’s motto: ”No Limits on Imagination.”

So many good things have been brought to fruition by furthering our investments in Public Safety, small business development through public/private partnerships and managing a successful smart growth plan.

Fayetteville Post 2 Councilman Joe Clark
Fayetteville Post 2 Councilman Joe Clark

The billions of dollars of private investment into our city are not just happenstance. When these investments are fully realized, it’s my goal to lessen the tax burden placed on your homeowner’s tax bill.

Our city’s success is directly related to all of us embracing our very diverse population that will lead us to being a vibrant community for decades to come.

Our city has been recognized as one of the safest places to live, work and play in Georgia as well as the nation. This has been achieved because I along with the entire City Council have invested in our Police Officers and Firefighters careers. We have increased the salaries of all our first responders by 45% during my four years on Council.

This action has enabled Fayetteville to recruit and retain professionals who protect and serve us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Public Safety Departments always exceed the standard in providing us with an environment that we all can be proud of. Our Police Department just achieved the highest level of professional certification in the nation, the CALEA designation which is only awarded to the best of the best Police Departments.

My work as the Council representative on our Downtown Development Authority continues to enable our city to do things once only dreamed possible. A prime example of this is our City Center Park Complex which has become our community gathering place for all sorts of events where residents of all ages can enjoy.

I’m dedicated to expanding greenspaces throughout our city and completion of our long-planned trail network which will one day connect neighborhoods throughout our city.

To me, community is paramount, and Fayetteville is HOME! I’m so proud to represent our residents locally and always invigorated when I hear from city officials throughout the state of Georgia who always are asking how Fayetteville has achieved so much in a short period of time.

I always tell them the same thing: Teamwork. We have a great team of leaders in Fayetteville and I’m asking you for your vote to help us continue to guide a path for an even greater Fayetteville.

Joe Clark

Fayetteville City Council Post 2