After 44 years, John Rosemond files final syndicated column


Dear all,

The time has come, as was inevitable.

I began writing this column for my local paper — the Gastonia, NC, Gazette — in 1976. The Charlotte Observer picked it up in 1978 and put it on the Knight-Ridder Wire in 1979. I am told it is the longest-running syndicated column written continuously by the same individual in American newspaper history. Forty-four years, during which time I am satisfied that I’ve helped lots of folks and infuriated lots of folks. I am also satisfied that I have made mistakes but told no lies.

Thank you for helping me get my advice and my psychological heresies out there, but it’s time to move on. I am not retiring — I have no such intention — but I am retiring this column. I made the decision last week, while on vacation on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The atmosphere there was conducive to letting go of things that needed letting go of.

My trusted advisors, including my manager-daughter, have pointed out that the demographic I most want to reach does not tend to suffer morning inky-finger syndrome. So, I am shifting my energy to developing a Substack and a weekly podcast, one advantage being that those outlets permit me to say what some editors will not permit me to say. Use your imagination.

That’s all. It’s been a great ride. Thanks again. If you ever want to reach me, feel free to call my personal cell: 704.236.7678.

Be well and be happy!

John Rosemond