1 person dead in Porter Road fire that’s being termed ‘suspicious‘


The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has begun an arson investigation after a body was found inside a fire-damaged structure early Thursday on Porter Road south of Fayetteville, according to Sheriff Barry Babb. The name of the victim has not been released at this time.

The fire was termed “suspicious” by Sheriff Babb, with the State Fire Marshal’s Office joining in the probe. The residence is located on Porter Road off Ga. Highway 85 South, and is south of Whitewater High School.

Here’s the news release:


Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious structure fire at a residence on Porter Road. Deputies responded this morning at approximately 2:25 a.m., to assist Fayette County Firefighters battling a fully engulfed residence. One victim was found deceased in the residence by fire personnel.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and Fayette County Fire Investigators are actively investigating this scene along with agents with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

No other details are being released at this time.


  1. We live at the corner of Massengale and Grooms and as I was trying to help my daughter get herself off to work and my grandson to school the whole downstairs of my house smelled like something was on fire inside my house at 6:30 am. We searched everywhere to make sure it wasn’t our house but when you went outside you really couldn’t smell it even though it was just at the other end of Grooms.

    Praying for the family that lost a loved one in that fire and praying that the Public Safety Departments find the arsonist quickly. They do not belong in our beloved community that Barry Babb works so hard to protect and defend.

  2. I passed the scene of this, this morning at about 5 AM. And was shocked to see so many emergency vehicles. Earlier that night at about 1 AM I had awakened to the sound of screaming dogs from that direction the most vicious high-pitched screaming dog of doom sound I ever heard. sad to know such a horrible thing has happened just down the street from me.

    • We live nearby and I, too, heard the dogs. “Screaming” is an excellent description, because they were more than howling! I listened for sirens, thinking that perhaps the sound of a siren had set the dogs off, but heard none. Suddenly, all of the dogs went silent. It was extremely eerie.

      • Hi neighbor, I fear the worst for that dog at this point. I had imagined maybe it was the sound of coyotes perhaps but I’ve never actually heard those before either. If I ever hear that kind of sound again anywhere I’m calling it in. Sad