Student, 17, charged with domestic terrorism for threats against 2 Fayette high schools

Javon Sullivan. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Javon Sullivan. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A north Fayette County high school student has been charged with domestic terrorism in connection with threats made to two Fayette County high schools.

Investigators with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 15 arrested 17-year-old Javon Sullivan of north Fayette County.

Sheriff Barry Babb said Sullivan has been charged with terroristic threats and domestic terrorism.

Babb said the charges stem from threats of school violence disseminated on social media and directed to at least two Fayette County high schools.

Sullivan is a student at one of the high schools that were subject to the threats, Babb added.

Sullivan is currently being held in the Fayette County Jail without bond.

“The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office strongly urges parents to have a serious discussion with their students concerning threats of school violence,” said Babb. “These cases will be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent as they are having devastating effects on the learning environment.”


    • Hi Trill…just so you know…. North Fayette has been under a “proxy annexation” by Clayton/Fulton/Dekalb Counties for years…it’s important to delineate this area apart from the more civilized parts of Fayette Co.

      • Interesting point Kenny D, which causes me to ponder another observation with a question…will 17-year-old Javon Sullivan of north Fayette County ever have a job, pay into social security and someday even collect social security?

    • Because Trill, you and I both know there is a distinct difference between Fayetteville and the rest of the county. Have you been in the Pavilion lately? Compare Pavilion clientele to The Avenue. Notice all the off brand “discount stores” in the Pavilion? I believe a couple are called “Shopper’s World” and “Beauty World”. Why are those stores in Fayetteville and not Peachtree City? Take a look around Trill. Fayetteville is essentially Clayton County.

      • Hi Beh…perfect observation. I hate to say the truth, but I was driven out of East Point, Southwest Fulton Co. and Riverdale over a period of over 50 years as the urban sprawl with the demographic and socioeconomic “flotsam” that came with it destroyed the established conservative neighborhoods, schools and businesses.
        17-year-old Javon Sullivan of North Fayette County is an example of the generational spawn that is oozing our way.
        Someone now prove to me that I am wrong or that what I say is untrue.