Book club brings readers together at Peeples


Student leaders are stoking a love of reading at Peeples Elementary where a group of 5th graders are introducing younger Rockets to book clubs.

The students took the initiative to reach out to a 2nd grade class to put their idea in motion. They selected books that were grade-level appropriate, organized reading groups, and came to class ready to lead discussions with students. They even planned crafts to accompany the books when they finished.

“They approached me to take this on, and they really and truly did everything. From the initial idea to the completed project, this was totally their idea,” said 2nd grade teacher Jennifer Venable. “Our school fully embraces the Leader In Me program, and they really have shown how much they’ve learned throughout their years as Peeples Rockets. There are so many things I hope my students take away from this, but I love how they have shown my students how they can truly lead their own learning!”