Madden announces for Post 3, Peachtree City Council special election


My name is Kevin Madden and I was honored to serve as your Peachtree City council member from 2018 until the end of last year. I was also our city’s representative on the Fayette County Transportation Committee until this June. Plus, I was appointed to the Steering Committee that helped review and update our 2022 Comprehensive Plan.

I’m very familiar with the problems facing our city from the traffic challenges at Georgia Highways 54/74, the west corridor, and the economic and demographic changes happening here and in the surrounding area.

Kevin Madden, candidate for special election.
Kevin Madden, candidate for special election.

My family and I moved to Peachtree City 25 years ago. I have always appreciated the “village concept” that has been the guiding light of our previous councils, and it should remain our paramount principle in our governing decisions.

The solutions to our city’s daunting problems will require an experienced leader with institutional knowledge of how to get things done and a willingness to create a consensus without animosity.

It is my desire to help govern our city into the future so we can continue to be proud of the place we call home. Therefore I’m asking for your support for my campaign Madden4PTC.COM and your vote on November 8th.

Thank you,

Kevin Madden



  1. Mr. Madden,

    So glad you have come back. You were defeated in the last election as you declared war against the citizens of Peachtree City. In fact it was your actions being so egregious that you left us no choice but to elect ANYONE else and that is how we got Ms. Caola and the pathgate scandal.

    Fortunately, It appears that there are others running who do not hold the citizens in contempt the way you did.

    Lets go thru a quick reminder of what you did and where you stand.

    1. You wanted to make it where you could have the city attorney at taxpayer expense sue citizens who complained about your actions. This is not very PTC nor democratic. There is a gentlemen named Putin who follows your mantra and he might be looking for volunteers.

    2. You dissolved the citizens zoning review board and eliminated the voice of the people. ‘Nuff said

    3. You and your cohorts have tried to limit the ability of citizens to address the council. Limiting both the number of speakers and the time they can speak… This is still an issue but again very Putinistic.

    4. While you are happy to post campaign announcements in “The Citizen” today how about the limiting of efforts of the media when you were in power.

    I think the citizens are smart enough not to EVER trust you again. Please go back whence you came and avoid any public service in PTC.. Again Putin is looking for recruits maybe you can go there.