Coming: Conversations about protecting our Fayette island


The year is 2022 and I am reading and researching topics of concern more than ever. Our illustrious Editor Cal Beverly asked if I would not mind putting some of my thoughts in writing every week. We have a lot to talk about and I agreed to the task.

Honestly, we have no voice in our federal government, the lobbyists control state government, and local governments seem to care less about us every day.

Through a series of self-inflicted wounds, our nation is being disemboweled, states that once “couldn’t lose if they tried” are falling to pieces, and the younger generation within the workforce yearns to live on a mountaintop or near a corn field rather than their offices in the gritty urban environments that seem to be chasing everyone away.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can protect our wonderful Fayette County island and its precious municipal jewels from outside interference.

Let’s create a counter-voice to the new “equitable” socialist voices in town. Likewise, let’s push back on the influencers attempting to force us into a homogenized version of the other metro counties that are failing and burdening their citizens with destruction.

Yes, the social waters are turbulent but that is nothing new. The defining edge of the current cultural battle is the ability to censor the public discourse through technology. That will not happen on The Citizen website.

Of course, the target of the disrupters is our children. Terrifying our children with climate alarmism, and calling them racists while distorting and lowering educational standards through post-modernist ideology are the tools used to force them to forfeit their rights and standard of living.

Remember, if the heart of the technological Goliath, San Francisco, can wake up enough to recall their school board members and the district attorney, there is hope for the rest of us.

It’s time to take a serious look at what our local elected officials promised us every time they campaigned for office and determine whether they lied to us or not.

Hopefully, we will see some genuine feedback as we bypass the anonymous trolls and get the debate going.

I am looking forward to working on the issues with you in the coming weeks.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.]


  1. Protecting Fayette County …took a big blow when the NAACLP came in and sued the county for their own racial makeup district (because a Democrat could not get elected here). The county should have taken this all the way to the SCOTUS fighting racial based politics.

    Hopefully Fayette will fight off the Dems/Liberals here who want public transportation, denser neighborhoods, public housing, more apartments, introduction of CRT/1619 Project/Equability/Transgenderism into our schools.