Cart path speed bumps dangerous to bike riders


Dear Mayor Kim Learnard: I just saw and read widespread comments to The Citizen on my cell phone. I was glad to see this. The speed bumps on the cart paths are not only a nuisance, but are dangerous and may cause serious injury to cyclists.

I ride a classic Schwinn 10-speed bike (with skinny tires/high pressured … 80 lbs.), and the speed bumps caused my rear tire to explode for going over the bump by the lake. Fortunately, I was not injured but I could have been injured … a broken bone or neck even as evidenced by the rider in the Tour de France.

I’ve chosen to avoid riding the cart paths altogether, and this is sad and unfortunate as a 30+ year resident of Peachtree City. I’ve always enjoyed my bicycle rides around the lake and received many a compliment about my 1976 blue Schwinn. The bicycle sits in the basement, unridden.

I don’t understand why an 18-inch bicycle “lane” could not have been installed for cyclists when those speed bumps were put in place. I agree with other angry cyclists about the issue and find it ironic that your election platform was partly based on beautifying Peachtree City—and here I sit at home unable to take my beautiful bike out on our cart parths today.

Please do something about this.

Thank you.

Betty Hahn

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Betty,
    I’m so sorry you’ve decided not to ride the paths. We have 90+ miles of paths and about 3 miles of path have the speed humps. The installers could have left a foot gap in the middle so cyclists can get through more easily. If you head south to where the Stinky Trails used to be there is a new path with very few carts or runners/walkers and when I want to ride fast, this is where I go. Or I get on the streets, but as you know that is a mixed bag.

  2. I find it more hazardous to ride a bicycle along the cart path then riding on the roads around town. The more congested they get the worse it will be. Unfortunately in today’s day and age of everyone being health conscience it has to be dealt with. To stay safe I find alternatives to the path for recreation and exercise.

  3. Cyclists are just as much the problem as those speeding golf carts. Many (not all) cyclists do not observe riles of the road and tend to treat the path as their personal roadway. They drive where they want, do not yield to pedestrians, speed around corners, do not use audible signals, use blinding strobes, and drive at excessive speeds.
    I cannot tell you the number of times I have been forced the side of the road because a cyclist going break neck speed wants to weave through a group of pedestrians and golf carts. These speed bumps were put in place not to just slow golf carts down but everyone including bicycles, long boards, scooters, etc. and as a a pedestrian (who enjoys jogging on these paths), I welcome them.

    • Aeropig,
      I’m disappointed in many of my fellow cyclists. I’ll do what I can to help get the word out. The point is you can ride fast when nobody is around and slow down when folks are around. The biggest problem is still golf cart and cart drivers cutting off corners, even blind corners. When I’m running or riding and the cart driver is surprised to see me, I know there is a problem.

      • and how do you know someone is not around when you insist to take the corner (even blind ones) at lightening speed? or take the corner extra wide and not being concerned with oncoming traffic.
        I am not saying golf carts do not share in the blame as there are a quite a few who look at the path as Peachtree City’s version of Road Atlanta. The city does not do enough to enforce the laws are being obeyed on the path. We also have the pedestrians who insist on walking and jogging side by side, refusing to move to one side when approached by a golf cart or bicycle or swerving to the center as a golf cart attempts to pass. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been on my cart and surprised to find a pedestrian on my side of the path (explanation I was given, “thought it would be easier for you to see me”). The path system is for everyone to enjoy and the speed humps have become necessary obstacle.