Unhappy Walmart shopper strips, wets floor, punches clerk, clothes herself in time for arrest

April Barrow. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
April Barrow. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A woman searching for prophylactics at the Fayetteville Walmart turned that search into a tirade that included running through the store cursing, hitting an employee, taking off her clothes and urinating on the floor. The items she sought were left behind as she was escorted to jail.

April D. Barrow, 40, was charged with two counts of simple battery, public indecency and disorderly conduct, according to Fayette County Jail records.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said officers on April 29 at approximately 6:38 a.m. were dispatched to the Walmart at the Fayette Pavilion on a public indecency call.

The responding officer arrived at the front entrance of Walmart to assist a fellow officer already on the scene who had his Taser pointed at Barrow, who was handcuffed and placed in the rear seat of a patrol car while officers investigated the situation.

“Through the investigation, officers learned Barrow entered Walmart and began asking employees for prophylactics. Barrow also used profanity and threw items while running around the store,” said Burdett. “A witness/employee told police Barrow allegedly struck her multiple times in the arm with a closed fist. Witnesses reported to police that Barrow took her clothes off and urinated on the floor.”

Burdett said a store employee walked Barrow out of the building, with the employee saying that Barrow continued to scream and hit on the door.

Barrow put her clothes on outside the store and prior to the officers arriving, Burdett added, noting that Barrow’s conduct inside the store was observed by officers on video surveillance footage.


  1. Well, anyway, according to her facebook page, and photo of her face – she was raped 3 days ago. Possibly, no matter what the story says, she was actually looking for the abortion pill as to not have the rapist’s baby. The store in that area probably believes in not selling it to her.
    The majority in Georgia feels she must have that baby, and the proud governor would prefer laws making sure of that, especially now that Row v. Wade is being overturned.

    Remember, Georgia is STILL unwaveringly guaranteed to help toss the entire national government to republicans in 2022 and 2024.

    No matter the millions who will suffer under their culture war bigotry agenda.

    It stands to reason why the american right-wing voter of today is consistently a verifiable joke around the world, where they don’t stare, drooling at USA right-wing media in rapt attention.

    • I doubt the facebook story that she was raped; I tend to believe the investigation report which says that she was looking for prophylactics, not abortion pills.

      Even if the rape claim was true, a more fair & moral course of action would be to catch the person who raped her and punish him to the full extent of the law (perhaps make those laws even tougher). Babies that result from rape have no fault of their own, they can be given to adoption if the mother does not want to keep them. The real bigotry here is towards those babies who have no voice of their own.

      • Except if the mother doesn’t want to go through the pregnancy, since she’s the viable person, and forcing her to duffer through keeping a parasitic life form alive until born should not be forced upon her or any viable autonomous person.

        Especially since when the parasite is an actual human is debateable whether its based on a pro-choice religion like Judaism, where even the fetus is just considered a mass of stuff until born since that’s when the soul enters the body – or whether its secular-based reasons.

        You don’t force your religion or beliefs on others autonomous bodies.

        So, if you want to have the baby from a rapist that got you pregnant – go ahead and trudge through the pregnancy. Don’t tell others what to do by forced legislation oppresed upon them.