Huddleston Mini-Society makes social studies memorable


Huddleston Elementary is getting a taste of the real world with the 3rd grade’s Mini-Society project.

Third Graders participate in the Mini-Society social studies unit, a hands-on economics study where they establish their own society, design and use currency, and open and operate businesses. The experience helps students understand more about the entrepreneurial system, economics, government, law, math, and ethics. In addition, they work cooperatively trying to solve the numerous problems that arise in any society.

A key component of the project is applying for jobs and participating in job interviews. Tied into learning a variety of economics and civics concepts through hands-on experiences, students are interviewed by a select group of 4th graders who participated last year.

Teacher Kari Boyle appreciates seeing students practice real-world skills.

“Students work on their speaking and listening skills from our ELA standards, as well as real life skills such as preparing for an important event and building confidence,” said Boyle. “The interview is an experiential way to learn about interdependence, scarcity, and opportunity cost.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.