After redistricting, you may be surprised which candidates you get to vote for in May


Following the 2020 Census, many states gained or lost U.S. Congressional seats based on the shifting population within the United States. As a result of the census and the need to reapportion seats nationwide, some states gained seats while others lost seats. Within their borders, most states also needed to rebalance state House districts and state Senatorial districts based on the growth and shifting population numbers.


Here in Georgia that reapportionment was accomplished late last year. The goal is to have similar numbers of Georgia residents within each representative’s district based on the updated census data.

During “Public Comments” on Thursday, March 3rd, I presented information to the Peachtree City Council regarding the Georgia House redistricting affecting many Peachtree City residents.

While most residents have no idea about how the redistricting affects them, it will become abundantly clear if they go to the polls in the May primary and don’t see their current state representative on their ballot because, following the redistricting, they are now in a completely different district.

Although the official change to the new districts takes effect in January 2023, the election of all state House and Senate seats occurs in 2022.

In Peachtree City the following changes are being made:

• Residents in the precincts in the most southeast part of the city have been moved into what will be District 74, with Karen Mathiak as the current Georgia House Representative.

• Residents in the middle of Peachtree City will remain or be added to Josh Bonner’s District 73.

• Residents in the most northwest part of Peachtree City who currently have Philip Singleton as their representative will be moved into Josh Bonner’s district.

• Residents in the northeast section will be added to District 68 which extends north into South Fulton County.

The changes for Peachtree City are not unique. There are just as many changes in the Georgia House Representative Districts for the rest of Fayette County as well as Coweta County. No matter where you live in Fayette County, you should check your residence address to see if you are affected by redistricting.

To check your Georgia State House and Senate districts for your address, go to this page:

[Suzanne Brown is retired after 21 years in federal law enforcement, has a BS from Cornell and an MS from Colorado State, and has lived in Peachtree City for 3 years. She often speaks at local government meetings during public comment time, pointing out various laws and regulations that need to be followed to preserve our communities, and in support of a patriotic agenda.]