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On December 6th, Dr. Luke Hearn, Ed.D., made the anodyne point that we ought not to harshly judge our political opposites by their party affiliation, but instead by their actions.

I agree wholeheartedly. I too would love to “put down our pitchforks and get to know people for who they are.”

But the problem, you see, is that we keep getting bamboozled by liberals, who have this seemingly irresistible tendency to say one thing and do another.

You need look no farther than the past three Democratic presidents. All of them — Clinton, Obama, Biden — promised to be moderate in governance and to unite the American people. Clinton was a self-proclaimed centrist; Obama rejected the notion of “red” Americans and “blue” Americans; Biden promised a return to normalcy and decency.

All of them were lying and proceeded immediately to govern much farther to the left than they had promised during the campaign.

Clinton famously tasked his wife with trying to ram nationalized healthcare down our throats, mistaking his narrow victory (which likely wouldn’t have happened without Ross Perot upsetting the apple cart) for a mandate to impose massive political change (sound familiar?).

Obama touted himself as a centrist, but then proceeded to be the most left-wing president in history. He accomplished Clinton’s dream of nationalizing healthcare, albeit to a limited and flawed extent, and eventually led the charge for gay marriage, even though he claimed not to support it.

Biden also violated his campaign promises, both in fact and in spirit, by succumbing to the woke mob in his own party when it came to policies and proposed legislation. This, after promising to be a moderate leader who would restore comity in our union. He has done little but stoke the divisions in our society and continued the war to divide Americans by race, gender, and class.

So, when someone comes along, proclaiming themselves to be a nice, reasonable liberal who will work with both sides, forgive us conservatives for being wary of such claims. We’ve been burnt too many times to not be suspicious.

That all being said, I think Kim is a good person and one of those old-fashioned liberals who is not secretly beholden to left-wing woke-ism or Soros-inspired political subterfuge. She has a track record to prove it and I think we owe it to her to put aside our fears and give her a chance.

(And I’m saying this as someone who has debated her in these pages on the issue of abortion.)

Peachtree City is a special place and I trust us all to honor that unique quality and work together to keep it special.

However, if Ms. Learnard goes the way of the typical Democratic/liberal politician of our day, we will know for certain that our political system has truly been corrupted by the modern-day Marxists. That will be a sad day indeed, but one which I pray will not come.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Trey, you should be embarrassed with the Republican Party. Never have I seen a group of more spineless (with the exception of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger) group of people in my life. They stand for nothing but kissing the butt of Donald Trump. Do they stand for law and order? Why then, do they attack the Capitol and refuse to respect the democratic process in a fair election? You lost the election whiners, get over it! Paul Gosar, Marjorie
    Taylor-Greene, Laure Boesart,…the list of wackos goes on and on. I hate to say you’re stupid, but you’ve been totally conned by the Great Con Man. Or maybe you know better and don’t care. That’s even worse than stupidity.

  2. This is yet another installment of the ramblings of a simpleton who confuses Tucker Carlson with a news source. Hoffman spews this partisan vitriol in order to see his name in print, and then he narcissistically proclaims that his proclamations are beyond reproach. He proudly admits that he refuses even to review a contradictory opinion. A less persuasive ambassador for conservative argument is hard to imagine.

    Proverbs 26:5 compels true Christians and Hebrews to respond to this flummery, but we are deafened by their silence.