Get over political labels


There are people who will read/hear that Kim Learnard is Peachtree City’s new mayor and immediately despise her, likely because they heard from a friend who read on someone’s Facebook page that they know someone who said Learnard is a liberal. To me, that type of thinking is shameful.

We’ve become so divided to a point that, to some, the mere suggestion that someone is liberal or conservative can be forever damning to those who believe differently. It’s mind-numbing and not worth the collateral damage that’s been caused. Let’s do each other a favor and get the hell over ourselves.

I don’t know Kim Learnard. I don’t know or care who she voted for in November of last year. And I don’t care what her opinion is on the latest Washington, D.C., drama.

What I do care about, however, is how she leads our city over the next four years, and how she collaborates with others in our community — both leaders and the citizens at large — to make sure we’re all better for it.

I’m a nobody newcomer to PTC. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we all put down our pitchforks and get to know people for who they are, not for what the sign in their yard or the sticker on their car bumper says.

Oh, and stop believing what your best-friend-from-high-school’s college roommate’s step-uncle’s new wife posts online about someone … you’re a lot smarter than she is.

Luke Hearn, Ed.D.

Peachtree City, Ga.