Learnard wins mayor’s post, Destadio takes Post 4: Nov. 30 Runoff Election Results


The Peachtree City runoff election is history, and Kim Learnard has defeated her one-time council colleague Eric Imker to become the city’s second woman mayor. She will be sworn in to take office Jan. 1. Outgoing Mayor Vanessa Fleisch was term-limited after serving 8 years in the city’s top elected position.

Learnard outpolled Imker by 391 votes — 3,467 (53%) to 3,076 (47%).

To fill the open Post 4 seat, city Planning Commissioner Frank Destadio defeated chiropractor Phil Crane by 481 votes — 3,348 (54%) to 2,867 (46%). That seat was vacated by term-limited Terry Ernst in his unsuccessful run for mayor.

First Peachtree City precinct data arrives at Fayette County Elections Office. Photo/Ben Nelms.

For Peachtree City Mayor

Eric Imker — 1,185 (45%); 1,969 (47.5%); FINAL 3,076 (47%)

Kim Learnard — 1,430 (55%); 2,170 (52.4%); FINAL 3,467 (53%)

Eric Imker
Eric Imker
Kim Learnard
Kim Learnard

For Post 4, Peachtree City Council

Phil Crane — 1,067 (43%); 1,736 (44%); FINAL 2,867 (46%)

Frank Destadio —1,437 (57%); 2,210 (56%); FINAL 3,348 (54%)


Frank Destadio
Frank Destadio
Phil Crane


Earlier Stories:

With 5 of the city’s 12 precincts counted, Kim Learnard now has 52.4% of the votes, while Eric Imker has 47.5%. For Post 4, Frank Destadio has 56%, while Phil Crane has 44%.

7:30 p.m. — In early voting and absentee ballot tabulations, Kim Learnard leads Eric Imker 55% to 45% for Peachtree City mayor. For the Post 4 City Council seat, Frank Destadio leads Phil Crane 57% to 43%. Ballots cast today are yet to tabulated.


  1. Congratulations to our mayor-elect and new councilpersons.

    It was great that so many of our citizens were involved in the political process, but now it’s time for us to all pull together for the betterment of our community. A good start would be to remove all of the political signs that have littered our neighborhoods and business landscapes for so many months. Please join me in putting those away and restoring the natural beauty of our community. It’s a healthy step in the right direction.

  2. In deference to and unlike her opponents, Ms. Learnard explicitly avoided divisive partisanism and appeales to baseless, hyperbolic political accusations and claims. She’s focused on the immediate issues and governance. She’s clearly embraced not only the need but willingness to foster bipartisanship especially at the local level.

    She wasn’t dismissive and inflammatory unlike her opponent. Perhaps some should, but probably won’t, take a lesson?

    Meanwhile, some may need to be concerned with OCGA 21-2-575. Altering and promoting false ballot images is a felony in Georgia.

  3. Thrilled this election is finally over – and equally happy about the outcome.

    I hope Mayor-Elect Learnard will truly be the collaborative, critical and innovative thinker we need to position PTC for success in the next 5-10-20 years. Her platform was full of good ideas… now it’s time to put her words into action to benefit ALL OF US.