The case for Imker and Crane

[With the election Tuesday], we all need to make a decision that we will live with for the next four years.

Both candidates for PTC mayor have spoken for themselves but as is often the case, most candidates only report what they want you to hear and leave out the information that might be considered negative. In this particular case, I’m struck that one candidate, Eric Imker has directly responded to what others have identified as a negative.

Specifically, it has been said that he did not work well with the group and tends to do solo work. Mr. Inker has not only acknowledged this charge but has stated that specifically when referring to the efforts required to turn around the city budget while he was on the City Council, he did work much of the data on his own and with the City Manager.

The fact that the rest of the Council did not engage with this hard work is not really a rub on Mr. Inker as much as it is on the others who frankly probably were not especially capable of providing much value to the effort.

But the end result is that a $22M negative city budget status was changed to a balanced budget with reserves after three years of dedicated work primarily by Mr. Imker. If feathers were ruffled during this process, so be it; the results speak for themselves.

As for Imker’s opponent, you should note that the slick ads sold to Youtube to run between your favorite cat videos have one thing in common … her supporters either worked for the city or were themselves council members. This is what you might expect when the candidate is focused as a government careerist.

Ms. Learnard has worked on political campaigns for left wing Democrat candidates while claiming to be Republican and it should not be lost that one day after election day, our very own young Democrat called on those who voted for his failed mayoral attempt to vote for Ms. Lernard in the runoff.

While Mr. Imker sees local politics as a means to serve the community (so much so that he has pledged to donate his mayoral salary back to the city!), his opponent seems to have made a career of it.

Rather than voting to reduce congestion on the 54 corridor, his opponent voted for another traffic light to allow for development next to Line Creek while Mr. Imker (and GDOT) opposed.

Actions are what matters. And while Mr. Imker is focused on maintaining the good and coming up with real solutions to at least ameliorate the congestion at 54/74, his opponent wants to develop even more along that corridor, thus exacerbating the problem. The choice is clear.

In the Council runoff we are blessed with a choice between two conservative candidates. Most of us should be happy with either of the candidates winning but my argument for support of Mr. Crane is a recognition that we are at a time when we need to acknowledge that we should be supporting young conservatives.

The argument for Mr. Destadio is a valid one … he has worked on and chaired the Planning Commission for a number of years and as such has a wealth of experience while Mr. Crane is a newcomer to local politics.

While true, this is politics and we must consider the impact of having a conservative representative of our younger generations on our council and the message that sends to current and future residents.

If the majority in city elected positions are of retirement age or near, it is too easy for our opposition to leverage that fact to eventually vote in left-leaning younger candidates who will then enjoy the future advantage of incumbency.

Mr. Crane is an example of what we want for our city going forward. He was born and raised here, went off to attain higher education, and ultimately returned to set up his practice and raise his family in his home town all while maintaining his conservative roots.

I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Crane’s opponent, rather, this is a political calculation. Younger citizens will eventually (sooner than later) replace us older folk and we must support those who maintain our core values of family and community. Mr. Crane represents this ideal and now is the right time.

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


    • Yes, we do know how Mr. Destadio will vote from his time on the planning commission.
      He will vote yes to rezoning industrial to residential.
      He will vote yes to rezoning commercial to residential.
      He will vote yes to rezoning for LUC which is the new mixed-use.
      He states that he’d like to see projects presented as mixed-use because he feels that’s the direction the city is going.
      I have no idea how Mr. Crane will vote, but Mr. Destadio is running away from his voting record if you believe his campaign platform.

  1. While I’m sure Imker, who’s donated thousands to Trump, relishes it, I can see Crane face-palming over an endorsement from the extreme-right embracing Felts. More curiously, Felts has repeatedly promoted the thoroughly debunked 2020 election myths.

    One must ask why he’s encouraging people to participate in what he seems to believe is a corrupt system.

  2. Alan, your letter seems well thought out but the fact that the two remaining incumbents in posts 1 and 2 are heavily supporting Dr. Crane is very concerning to me since I am interested in change. It seems to me they will control 60% of the vote if Dr. Crane is elected. I am not willing to take that chance.