Imker listened as council member; he will listen as mayor


PTC residents, please make sure to vote in the runoff election. Eric Imker has always been a person who cares about PTC. He’s passionate about maintaining this wonderful community.

What makes him unique compared to other candidates is that he listens to residents and tries to help.

When he was a council member many years ago, it was obvious that he took the job seriously.

Over the years, when my husband and I would attend a city meeting to express our concerns about an issue, he was always the member that listened attentively.

He was willing to talk to us about our concerns.

I’m grateful that we have Eric Imker willing to help keep PTC special and work at solving some of our new problems.

Iris Salzman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I agree. He does listen and he does care. He was the only council member to show up at a Friends of the PTC library meeting led by my wife. He’s budget wise and wants to maintain PTC village concept and quality of life. He values your tax dollars and has some good ideas on easing traffic congestion though it’s going to take regional and State help to get relief I think.