Far-left ‘woke’ politics invades Peachtree City


We are witnessing a lot of farfetched chatter on Facebook and such regarding our local election and political philosophy in general.

There is a big debate over whether candidate Nick Ferrante is a socialist or a democratic socialist, and our young adults on Facebook are desperately attempting to make a distinction between the two. There are a lot of fake Facebook accounts trolling on behalf of Ferrante using intimidation tactics of name-calling and insulting anyone who dares comment in opposition to their candidate.

As I noted in my last letter to the editor (https://thecitizen.com/2021/10/15/the-peachtree-city-council-candidates-rated-1-to-5-golf-carts/), one major concern is candidate Kim Learnard’s ambiguous language on her website regarding bringing more traffic-attracting development to Huddleston Road at Ga. Highway 54. She wants to make the area special but what exactly does that include? Certainly, the land use designations in that area are critical and the last thing we need there is something that attracts even more traffic.

People have asked me if there is reason to be worried about Learnard’s ambitions for the area adjacent to Hwy. 54 West. My answer is yes.

She rezoned a large swath of land from office/institutional (a less traffic-intensive use) to retail over citizen objections on that very corridor as a council member. A review of past council meetings video shows she once wanted a large Kohl’s department store on Hwy. 54 West which was met with intense opposition from local citizens. Likewise, she has no plan on mitigating traffic in that area.

Another diversion tactic from our far-left young adult Facebook commentators is that national politics as in a local candidate’s support for Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc., and their drive towards national socialism has nothing to do with our local politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. As former Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill liked to say, “All politics is local.”

The west coast of the United States is the petri dish of failed Marxist, post-modernist experimentation. A recent San Francisco Chamber of Commerce poll showed that 44% of the respondents intend to abandon the city in the next few years. A Biz Journal article summed it up, “San Francisco feels like a city under siege.”

Seattle elects devout socialists, and they are reaping the pain that accompanies such moves. Amazon employs 50,000 people in Seattle and announced it would allow many corporate and tech employees to work from home indefinitely, essentially giving permission to abandon the city.

The tech employees have every reason to get out of Seattle after the city council passed a new additional tax (called the “JumpStart”) based on their high salaries, citing a need to create equity which they admit means taking from those who have and giving to those who have not. Additionally, “… crime is increasing, and increasingly tolerated by City Hall. So is homelessness, which has gotten worse despite hundreds of millions spent to supposedly address it,” (“Downtown Seattle’s troubles go beyond the pandemic,” Seattle Times, Oct. 15, 2021).

According to a new report by the Urban Land Institute, Portland has plummeted from one of the nation’s most desirable real estate markets to the bottom of an 80-city ranking. In 2017, Portland ranked third but is now ranked 66th. Riots in the streets, graffiti, homelessness, vandalism combined with “inclusionary zoning” and rent control are all tolerated by the mayor and city council.

Our own City of Atlanta is seeing a 59% increase in homicides. The posh Buckhead area wants its own city.

When someone refers to city mayors who have engaged far-left policies and have experienced very large increases in homicides along with creating a sense of lawlessness by releasing violent criminals, allowing mass shoplifting up to $950 per occurrence without prosecution, and defunding their law enforcement, the reply from our young adults is, “That is only in large cities.”

They attempt to create this foolish notion that somehow there is an invisible forcefield that keeps destructive leftist policies out of medium and small cities. It’s not true and the efforts to infiltrate local communities with far-left policies are working.

Well-funded, far-left protest groups have begun organizing (think Stacey Abrams). They are staging candidates in local races like the Down Ballot Dems group is doing in Peachtree City with Nick Ferrante. The local political front group Plan for PTC is offering backdoor support for anyone willing to bring large development to places like Huddleston Road at Hwy. 54 West and build destructive projects like the TDK Extension into Coweta County.

After wasting millions upon millions of dollars on national political campaigns, billionaire George Soros and his billionaire friends had an epiphany, realizing that revolution is much easier through local channels. They developed the brilliant strategy of funding and winning local campaigns for sheriffs, district attorneys, and school board members.

Local sheriffs and district attorneys have an enormous amount of autonomy granted to them by law. The Soros-funded district attorneys have now implemented a plan where they refuse to prosecute most misdemeanor crimes. Likewise, they can choose not to prosecute serious crimes committed under certain political philosophies, according to Politico.

New sheriffs paid for with far-left campaign funding are refusing to turn over illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They can literally refuse to enforce the law. Likeminded mayors and council members have joined in with immediate release, no-bail requirements, putting dangerous people back on the streets within hours to commit even more crime.

I recall my time on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners when we issued support for a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) bill in the state legislature, supporting the First Amendment. The meeting room was filled with an organized throng of anti-religion wokesters who struggled to intimidate the commissioners. As it turned out, after listening to their frivolous and errant comments, it was easy to see they had never read the bill, just doing as they were told.

Across the nation, local elected officials disagreeing with the Marxist goals of Black Lives Matter or looting, arson, and leftist violence find themselves being targets of well-funded and organized harassment, including doxing and threats of physical violence. (For examples, see: https://www.google.com/amp/s/pjmedia.com/election/jeff-reynolds/2020/06/24/beware-the-woke-mob-is-targeting-you-next-small-town-america-n573953/amp)

I have not seen a mayor and city council so adamant about shutting out the taxpaying citizens as our current Peachtree City mayor and council. They have gone out of their way to counter the direction the citizens desire to follow using our land plan.

There are two incumbents running for re-election and I offered a full explanation of why neither of them deserves your votes on November 2 (https://thecitizen.com/2021/07/22/council-members-ernst-and-madden-get-thumbs-down-for-4-more-years/).

Take a stand, go vote, or be trampled. The choice is yours.

Steve Brown

Peachtree City, Ga

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Commission.]


  1. Steve, I agree with you that we must have planned, restrained residential growth. But I completely disagree with your choice for Post 4. Frank Destadio, a known and experienced positive force in PTC zoning, is far and away heads above Phil Crane. Frank will preserve what is good about PTC and build on it.
    First of all, if you truly want to break up the existing “gang” of good old boys that exist on the current Council, you need to understand that both Mike King and Phil Prebor openly support Phil Crane. They post his signs everywhere they can, especially on Phil Prebor’s fence on Huddleston Rd., and in both of their yards at home. In fact, in my opinion, they expect he will just follow them along as he has no city experience and is intrigued with their open support for him. Crane has openly supported not working to give back the Public Hearing to the Planning Commission… while all Mayor Candidates and Frank Destadio have opening spoken in favor of this on many public occasions.
    Finally, Frank’s platform has always supported opposition against rezoning industrial space and allowing unrestrained residential (especially multi-family) housing. He knows it hurts our quality of life and tax base. I saw him in action when I was on the PTC Planning Commission. I believe Phil Crane has only just started saying this, no doubt after hearing Frank publicly state it so many times.
    As the Chairman of the Planning Commission for the past eleven years, Frank fought vigorously against greedy developers. Frank opposed the Great Wolf Lodge, the Calistoga housing on Lake MacIntosh, and the townhomes behind the Pit Stop on Hwy 74. Frank Destadio will not be a clone for the existing remaining members on the City Council. He absolutely has the knowledge, experience and leadership skills to be an independent voice on the Council… and an independent voice with the new Mayor to hopefully lead the City in a better direction than the last team.

    • Frank and Phil are both good candidates. The one that doesn’t make it almost assuredly will in two years. I would be happy to work with either of them.

      Prebor and King are afraid of Frank. Prebor endorses Learnard and King endorses Ernst. They know either would vote with them to preserve the last eight years. They know I will not, so Gretchen, Phil or Frank and I would be the new majority that would outvote them.

      Having talked with Phil numerous times I can guarantee you he will not vote with those two. So either way you go they are going to be in the minority if the three of us are elected.

  2. I’ve been reading all the “back and forth” after opinion pieces such as this one by Steve Brown. It sounds so familiar even after all these years.

    I was raised by a wonderful father; born in Russellville, ARK; a WWII veteran; a conservative. My mother was a professional
    woman from Pasadena, CA; politically, a liberal.

    You can imagine the discussions I overheard. Especially if you’ve
    deduced the time was during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, until I married and left home.

    The debate over the massacre on Kent State was unforgettable, I
    assure you. My mom standing with the students, objecting to our bombing in Cambodia; my father defending the actions of the National Guard.

    What we children heard was…Mom had a dream where sons aren’t sent to kill the sons of others for no good reason; and the
    young students realize it.

    And what we children heard was…my dad clung to the status quo because he had paid dearly into it and it served him well; and the young students threatened it.

    Mom welcomed the new (and perhaps a better way). Dad condemned any change.
    Mom dreamed. Dad feared what nightmares might bring.

    Sound familiar?
    “Far-Left ‘Woke’ Politics Invades Peachtree City”?

    By all means, debate the issues. Discuss the merits of the candidates. But think twice before condemning young citizens with new ideas out of your fear of change.

    Your children are listening.

    • Let’s get something clear. Even on Facebook it is clear there are many’s millennial’s that do not share your thinking. There are older folk that do, but with life’s experience and knowledge most know what you’re talking about will never work.

      No one likes war, especially veterans like me. It has been tried before and resulted in exactly what you’re thinking opposes. Human nature is not the loving considerate thing you think. It is loaded with hate, greed and more. Just look at history and the world around you to know that is a fact.

      • Don Haddix–
        “Let’s get something clear.”?

        Clear that human nature is loaded with hate, greed, and more (as opposed to a loving and considerate mankind, created in the image of God)?

        Clear that what I am talking about–namely, faith, hope, and charity–will never work?

        On the contrary, I have a different vision.
        I envision the peaceable kingdom that we all pray for; and I believe we all have a part in bringing it about.

        What is clear to me is that Love wins.

  3. My main issue with Nick is that he has no realistic platform other than these non-sense “magic” and “hope” taglines. It’s a branding campaign, funded by PAC money that makes him pledge allegiance to all things on the “down ballot dems” agenda.

    This bubble is actually magic because of the stewards of the past that stayed the course. We choose this community because it’s safe, has great schools and provides a unique way of life. In fact, it’s more popular than ever!

    You can sh** in one hand and wish for *magic* in the other, and I’ll show you which one fills up first.

    Vote against hyper-political figures. We need someone (doesn’t matter the party) who is moderate and wants to work with people rather than attack them for having an opinion that doesn’t align with theirs.

    • Nick has not received a dime in pac money. That’s one lie that these good old boys keep slinging around. Don’t fall for it.

      Nick’s platform isn’t hype. He actually articulates a conservative free-market solution which involves rolling back government regulation.

      Read his platform. Not what the FUD’s write about him.


  4. Mr. Brown states that when RFRA was discussed ‘The meeting room was filled with an organized throng of anti-religion wokesters who struggled to intimidate the commissioners.’ His claim is blatantly false.

    As a parent of gay children I attended the meeting and spoke. The room was not filled with people and there was no organized throng of anti-wokesters. I remained for the entire meeting and there was no suggestion of intimidation.

  5. Having worked with Kim and Eric for four years I know them very well. Kim wants to urbanized us. She supports mass transit, federal healthcare, taxes and centralizing power in her. She always says she will get it all done. She wants to unify the county. Eric has said he wants to control every nickel. He ran on lower tax then launched the city down a path of tax after tax increase. He thinks he can control traffic and 54, but he cannot. DOT controls 54.

    Both demanded I support their goals because they were three vote. When I did not they censured me and took illegal action they had to retract. We have no economic development because they dissolved our development authority thinking that would give them control.

  6. And yet…as you spend most of your letter to the editor complaining about the boogey-man that is California, you seem to fail to realize that the blue states in general send more money to the federal government than they receive. This includes California. However, low-tax red states often receive much more in federal dollars than they contribute.

    This is publicly available info, by the way.

    To call AOC or even Bernie Sanders “far-left” is ridiculous.

    By meandering aimlessly from “socialist” California, to AOC and Bernie Sanders, to Stacey Abrams, to George Soros, to BLM, you have proven that your only concern is parroting right-wing talking points. This country is broken, because we can’t have a real conversation about policy and solutions without diving deep into conspiracy nonsense and gaslighting.

  7. Hey folks – you’re being manipulated by Steve. Our council and mayor exist to create balance. Our local mayoral race isn’t full of people trying to destroy the community. Comparing Peachtree City to cities with millions and millions of people is ignorant and being done to manipulate our fine citizens. Steves a legend in his own mind but remind yourself: “Should I take life advice from someone who hasn’t worked in decades? Does this person understand the challenges of working and raising a family? Is someone who got booted from the Fayette GOP for being too extreme, probably too extreme? Are my neighbors actually villains, as he’s making them out to be?”

    Do your research yourself, and make an informed (not manipulated) decision.

    “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” – Matthew 22:39