Liking Biden vs. disliking Biden


In trying to think about what positive achievements President Biden has accomplished in the past 8 months, I wonder in amazement how we could have elected such an incompetent fool and now know what Barack Obama mean when he said of his VP: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [expletive] things up.”

I’ll start with the one thing his supporters would give him credit for: his policies on abortion. Since taking office, he has made abortion more available internationally by rescinding the so-called Mexico City policy, which allows funding to go to organizations who promote or provide abortion services.

He’s also tried to make abortion more available in the US by removing Trump’s ban on government funding for clinics who refer patients to abortion providers (Planned Parenthood’s donations are paying off!) and strongly fighting state restrictions on abortion, like the recent Texas heartbeat bill.

So, if you’re a big supporter of abortion and so-called “reproductive rights,” you would be a happy camper. I, of course, would argue that measures taken by a putatively Catholic president to enable an increase in the deaths of unborn human beings is a grave travesty, but I’m trying to see Biden in light of how his supporters do.

Moving on, what else would his supporters like about what he’s accomplished? He cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, which will theoretically reduce CO2 emissions. Yay. It has put tens of thousands out of work, but never mind them.

He has supported and passed legislation that helps people deal with the fallout from Covid by increasing unemployment benefits and rent assistance while supporting unconstitutional extensions of the eviction moratorium. But this has rendered many of those people either unhireable or unwilling to work, which is bad both for them and for the rest of the economy.

I guess you could argue that his administration did an okay job with the vaccine rollout, but much of that was in place before he took over (contrary to what he claimed).

He has opened the border to migrants, regardless of their refugee status or legitimate need to migrate, and has encouraged illegal immigration to record high levels.

He has proposed bills that will funnel $4.5 trillion into a vast panoply of progressive programs, but you can’t give him credit for that because they haven’t passed yet.

He did get us out of Afghanistan, but only a fool would argue that it was handled well or that it resulted in a net positive for our country’s security and international stature.

Oh, and he doesn’t do mean tweets, so that’s nice.

I could see how one might view all of these as positive in some way, especially if they didn’t particularly like our country and felt that giving away money to those who don’t or won’t work, letting in tens of thousands of migrants, making abortion more available at home and abroad, and virtue signaling about the climate are notable symbolic gestures that make them feel warm and happy inside.

But to those of us who live in the real world, this presidency has been absolutely disastrous.

The country is more divided now than ever because Biden’s hollow promises of uniting us were premised on one side (conservatives) simply capitulating to the other, not on actually finding common ground. Instead, he has stoked divisions based on race, gender, class, and vaccine status.

The economy is limping along when it should be surging because Biden’s policies have hamstrung it. His fiscal policy has resulted in sky-high inflation; his energy policy in higher gas prices; and his labor policy in a strange combination of low unemployment and massive shortages in workers (which have contributed to driving up prices).

His foreign policy has been an abject failure, resulting in terrorists regaining their foothold in Afghanistan while our foes in Iran and China derive encouragement from his weakness. Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons with no threat of real consequences while China licks its lips at the prospect of taking over Taiwan and bullying its neighbors with impunity.

The border situation is a disaster because Biden intentionally and blindly reversed all Trump-era policies in order to appease his progressive base, thus allowing and greatly encouraging illegal immigration of all sorts, including drug and human trafficking. His response? Blame the Border Patrol when a few seconds of video shows them swinging their horse reins around. He first creates a crisis and then when the people responsible for dealing with it struggle to contain the chaos, he blames them for it. Unreal.

Afghanistan was a totally avoidable disaster that continues to harm the innocent and weak as hundreds of civilians, including American schoolchildren (!) and thousands of green card holders, special visa holders, and American allies remain trapped and under threat of violence and death. The arms we left for the Taliban and Al Qaeda may soon be used to attack Americans as well.

And then there’s the absolute foolishness of assuming that a bare majority in Congress means Biden has some sort of mandate to pass the biggest social policy changes in history. When LBJ won in 1964, he won 62% of the popular vote and Democrats completely dominated both houses, so one could forgive them if they thought they had a mandate for the Great Society, failure though it was.

But no such clear majorities pertain for Biden and the Democrats. No matter. They plow ahead with a determination to remake America in the Progressive mold, expanding government control and power at a time when government is proving to be massively incompetent in almost every area in which it is entrusted.

Finally, there’s Covid. I can’t blame Biden for the unexpected emergence and spread of the delta variant, but I can blame him for many other things. His tyrannical tone and scapegoating of the “unvaccinated” has probably prevented people from getting the vaccine and has increased the animosity in our society. He is not “following the science” because if he were, he would know that some 100 million people already have natural immunity and do not need to get vaccinated. Plus, he promised early on in his administration that he would not do vaccine mandates or even mask mandates. Again, he lied.

And this is perhaps the worst part of the Biden administration. This man lies so often and about such important topics such as Covid or Afghanistan that he must be held to account at least to a fraction of the degree that Trump was, but he’s not! Not at all.

The press is utterly in the bag for Biden and barely holds him accountable for his lies, contradictions, falsehoods, and mistakes. Biden continues to make a mess of almost everything he touches and thinks it’s OK because there are no consequences for his actions from the press.

Thankfully, his popularity continues to plummet because Americans no longer trust the media and can see with their own eyes higher gas prices, empty shelves, less disposable income, our humiliation in Afghanistan, and the terrible spectacle of a befuddled egomaniac fumbling and bumbling through almost every speech he gives. They know Biden is a failure and will take out their frustration in 2022 on the entire party, which is why those few Democrats who haven’t bowed down to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are running for the hills and refusing to support his insane legislation.

For me, I’ll continue to chant my new favorite refrain: Let’s Go Brandon!

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I suspect the President will not comment about the World Series in Atlanta unlike the All Star game.

    Oh, regarding other comments form this administration, what about Alejandro Mayorkas and his promise of an investigation involving the interaction between the Border Patrol and Haitians. Didn’t he say the DHS would conduct a swift, thorough review in “a matter of days, not weeks”? That was in September and we are going into November. What the……?

  2. Yes, let’s go back to the guy who led an assault on the U.S. Capitol, is a pathological liar who has a cult of misinformed people believing that he won the election when there is absolutely no truth to that, and as a narcissist is only out for himself and not the good of the country. Did I mention he was impeached twice. Trump has undermined the democratic process and is by all accounts the worst president in the history of our nation. I’ll take Biden any day.

    • I have a different take, the guy (Trump) was doing right in my book when neither party liked him. DC needs a good cleansing…we were getting it, and the Pubs saw the light being shined on them too…they are all there to get richer, that’s about it.

      The quicker we quit electing life long politicians, the better off we will all be.

      • DC does need a cleansing, and yes, term limits would be a good thing, but a guy like Trump isn’t the type to make that happen. Most politicians are in it for the power, first and money, second. Trump and his family are no different. There’s good reason he is gone and that’s because people tired of his selfish and narcissistic ways. One of the very reasons you liked him, is why he is gone. He can’t work with others. Authoritarian style of governing doesn’t work in the United States and as much as he bullied his way around, he was continually presented with brick walls. And unlike others, I don’t have a problem criticizing the person I voted for. This obsession with unconditionally supporting the politicians we voted for is not healthy. We vote for the person that most aligns with our principles and hope for the best, all the while knowing, full well, that they will fail us at one time or another.

          • And my response agreed with you. Did it not? What the Founding Fathers intended and what they safe-guarded against are two different things. While they got a lot of things right, they also missed (or had no idea) the things we would exploit. Those pesky humans – they’re a selfish bunch.

    • You’re worried about democracy, so you support a guy who thinks he has the power to direct the federal government to force employers to force employees to undergo a medical procedure against their will that still isn’t approved by the FDA?

      Yes, Trump was impeached twice. And acquitted twice. If you don’t know what it is to falsely and maliciously accuse someone of a crime based on evidence you fabricated from thin air, only to have a jury toss the accusations out entirely, then you really shouldn’t be worried about democracy. You should be worried about your own education.

      • Your excuses are failing. What are you going to use after that? Pfizer is fully approved and the others will be soon. Those same unvaccinated people, while on their deathbed, will beg for all sorts of unapproved methods to “cure” them. You really need to get out more.

        • The Pfizer vaccine is NOT FDA approved. You will find no approval letter at the FDA website. Pfizer manufactures the BNT162b2 vaccine, which is still ONLY available under Emergency Use Authorization. The FDA has set a date of January to review BNT162 for its license as a biologic. That is the earliest approval might happen for Pfizer’s vaccine.

          The only vaccine with FDA approval is for the German firm BioNTech and their Conmirnaty vaccine that was developed in conjunction wtih Pfizer. Conmirnaty is approved for manufacture at different facilities by a different process than Pfizer’s BNT162b2. It has the same formula, but the formula is not what gets approved. It’s the end-to-end manufacturing and distribution of the medicine that gets the approval. Change one part, and you have to go through the approval process again. More importantly, BioNTech has not even distributed Conmirnaty. So there are no FDA approved vaccines on the market as of now.


          On the subject of excuses, I have no need of them. I’m a free citizen of the Republic. Mandates from petty autocrats are for ignorant peasants who have to be told what to do.

          • The Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved. It was announced and been in the news continually. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard. Is Faux News not giving you this pertinent information so that you can be informed?


          • I think you’re confused being misinformed with being informed.

            But by all means, paste a link to the FDA authorization letter. You won’t because you can’t. And if you had bothered to read the link you posted, you’d realize that the they’re talkinga bout the authorization for Conmirnaty, not BNT162b2.

          • I’m having a hard time deciding if you’re just trolling or if you’re serious in your replies.

            The Pfizer vaccine has been FDA approved. This is the second time I’ve caught you in an outright lie and you’ve doubled down.


            Go down the page and read ALL of the documents. BNT162b2 has been FDA approved and the name has been changed to the trade name of Conmirnaty. Again I ask, what other excuses are you going to use now that you can’t use FDA approval status?

          • You’re having a hard time alright. Look at your own link. Find the authorization letter for Pfizer’s BNT162b2. There is not one. Therefore, it is not FDA authorized.

            Have you even noticed that it’s called “Comirnaty” yet? Or like everything else, do you just repeat what you’re told?

          • Did you read any of the documents in the link I provided? If you had, you would see the error in your assertions.


  3. I don’t think there really is any such person as Trey Hoffman. I think these “letters” are being generated by an algorithm with the parameters set to “Right-wing/Fox ‘News’/’Mer’can Christian” which then randomly generates every hysterical talking point the fake news uses to scare the white middle class and sends it off to The Citizen. Each of the points Hoffman-bot lists could be refuted with a Google search and a look at reputable news sites (and each can be found, with slightly different phrasing, in all of Try-Bot’s previous letters!).

    The problem for the lefties (who seem to have given up on Trey lately — and who can blame us?) is that the bot packs so many erroneous assertions into each “letter” that it would take a hours to properly rebut them (with citations, which the bot conveniently leaves out of its work!).

    Suffice it to say, while some people may be terrified of what is happening to move this country back in the right direction after Pres Trump drove it completely off the rails, others of us are feeling hopeful that America still has a prayer of achieving her promise, and that was certainly not true during the last administration.

    • What a novel (and highly entertaining) concept, VJax!

      It would certainly put my concerns to rest–namely why Trey Hoffman seems to lose a little more of his humanity with every
      letter. Tolerance, understanding, compassion, mercy, hope…
      all submerged in waves of anger and bitterness.

      Not so very long ago, Trey would occasionally pen thoughts of civility. Even cooperation. He could actually be encouraging.

      Now his letters rival his idols tweets (rarely his Master’s words).
      “Incompetent fool”, “befuddled egomaniac”, “failure”, “Let’s go,
      Brandon!”…I would seriously prefer that these words were NOT posted by a human being.

      What I found most heart-breaking (and revealing) in this week’s
      letter was the callous dismissal of the mounted Border Patrol Officers rounding up Haitian refugees at our border. Trey writes
      casually, “…a few seconds of video shows them swinging their horse reins around.”

      Men on horseback attempting to herd people who have come to us for help. Destitute people. Suffering people. Could a fellow human being glance away with so little concern?

      If this is “the real world” you refer to, Trey, a world where “swinging their horse reins around” is the best we can do…I’ll
      hold out for a better one.

      And yes, one envisioned by Biden and Ocasio-Cortez.

      • Aren’t horses better for the Green New Deal? Certainly, they figure to be better for the environment. Trying to think what better form of transportation could be used to chase people with? The BP could use those jacked-up ATV’s but it seems that would be more terrifying being chased down by them. Maybe a little work on horsemanship would be in order.

        • Don’t try to talk sense into this one. She’s not cognizant of the fact that these Haitians didn’t come here but for the human traffickers who rounded them up in Haiti, put them on ships to Mexico, then on busses to the USA. She thinks it’s wonderful that the most able and productive members of Haitian society were taken out of their communities at a time when they are most needed, only to be injected in the lowest level of the US labor force where they will live miserable lives in the shadows. This is her foolish idea of compassion.

          • PTCitizen–
            It always seems that you know me the best when you are insulting me.

            May it be said of me, “She had a foolish idea of compassion.”

            Feel free to add, “She had a scandalous concept of grace”. Or, “She had an uncompromising belief in Love.”

            Take your best shot!

          • I don’t think Brewster was trying to talk sense to Suz, PTCit, but was trying to be ironic or sarcastic? Maybe I am mistaken.

            I also find it telling, PTCit, that you believe the social media posts about how the Haitian immigrants got here! I would have thought you, of all people, would actually have done the research and not fallen for spurious theories touted on Facebook.

            If you do look at reputable news organizations (and not what your cousin “shared” on FB), you will see the route of these migrants has been documented for months now. (Go to YouTube and look for the NBC news video “Haitian Migrants Follow Dangerous Path to the US” from September of this year for instance.) Reuters and NBC (and others) reported on their movement earlier this year. Like the other folks fleeing poverty, corruption, and persecution in the south, the Haitians made their way through Centra America.

            According to the AP, “Nearly all Haitians reach the U.S. on a well-worn route: Fly to Brazil, Chile or elsewhere in South America. If jobs dry up, slowly move through Central America and Mexico by bus and on foot to wait — perhaps years — in northern border cities like Tijuana for the right time to enter the United States and claim asylum.”

            This happened after the 2010 earthquake, and it is no wonder it is happening now. No human traffickers are picking them up and bussing them (from an island?!) to the USA. That’s not what human traffickers do, anyway; traffickers want people to enslave, not to give a free ride to migrants to the border.

            The deceitful FB posts blame corrupt authorities and Mexico for moving Haitian migrants to U.S. borders, as if there is money in this for anyone. That is poppycock, and you, PTCit, should know better.

            Is it any wonder migrants from a country ravaged by poverty want to take the USA up on the promise stamped on lady liberty … “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” The only wonder is that so many Americans have forgotten this promise brought their own ancestors here, and they want to deny it to those who most desperately need it.

            Foolish compassion? Hell yeah. About time.

          • You’re as ignorant about how I get my information (I don’t use Facebook for one) as you are about human trafficking. And you’re utterly dishonest. Your quote above is from a Reuters article, not an AP article. That article specifically outlines how these Haitians have been living in places like Chile for years, and aren’t actually fleeing poverty in Haiti, but are just chasing jobs.

            In a further act of dishonesty, you implied that I made the claim that human traffickers were bussing in from Haiti? I never made that claim. Lastly, you displayed utter ignorance about how human trafficking worked, as though it were like sending a package through UPS. They don’t handle end-to-end transportation. You have to pay for each leg of the journey. Sometimes the currency is their body. That is what you’re supporting.

          • Thank you, Visionaryjax, for taking the time to post this.

            I think people of good will realize that anyone leaving their home, make an arduous journey, and arrive at a strange destination with little but hope deserve better than
            being corralled like animals.

            No excuses (let alone contrived and nonsensical ones) make it right.

            Concerning Brewster–I am used to his good-natured jibes and took no

            The only comment I might make is that the real question is not how we can best “chase” people; especially when they are fleeing TOWARD us. My solution would be to open our hearts and welcome them.

            I know, my foolish compassion is showing again. Yours is too, jax!

          • “The only comment I might make is that the real question is not how we can best ‘chase’ people; especially when they are fleeing TOWARD us. My solution would be to open our hearts and welcome them.”

            Well said, Suz!

            And for the rest from PTCit… looks like I poked a hornet’s nest!

  4. Of course, when you say Biden, you really mean whoever is pulling the strings on him. Biden is undoubtedly in early to middle stage dementia and he couldn’t operate his own household, let alone our country.