Incoherence reigns


During the Trump administration, Democrats and nearly half the country pursued impeachment of the president for colluding with Russia for most of his term. This story dominated the news and crowded out the actual good that Trump’s policies (not tweets) were accomplishing, especially for the poor.

But, even the substance of the charge was pretty flimsy in the end. It went something like this: Trump had ties to various Russian actors and worked with them to (perhaps) release embarrassing emails from Hillary Clinton and her associates, and to spread misinformation on Facebook about Hillary, and that these actions constituted interference in the 2016 election and, ultimately, caused Clinton’s defeat.

Well, even if this were all true (and none of it is), it would pale in comparison to what Hunter Biden and his dad have been doing for the past several years, and the serious consequences of their shenanigans for our country.

Hunter did some sort of work for Chinese companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), for which he was paid millions of dollars. To not believe some of this money went into his dad’s pocket or that the CCP got some kind of leverage from this transaction is to be criminally naive.

Let’s look at Biden’s behavior regarding China since his son made his money. While he has said some pretty harsh things about China’s trade and military policies, he has remained mum about the CCP’s takeover of Hong Kong, giving cover to Xi’s regime to renege on their agreement to keep Hong Kong free for 100 years after its return in 1997. The people of HK are suffering under Chinese oppression as we speak.

But what’s probably most damaging for our country is Biden’s silence on the origin of the Covid-19 virus. (By the way, whenever you actually pronounce an abbreviation as a word, that makes it an acronym and requires, per current grammatical rules, that you only capitalize the first letter; e.g., Nasa, not NASA.)

In addition to accusing Trump of being racist for pointing out that the virus came from China, Biden was loath to ever admit the possibility of a Chinese lab leak. When he asked the intelligence agencies in March to “investigate” the matter, their conclusion, after 3 months, was that it could be either zoonotic (from animals) or human-caused (lab leak). Gee, thanks for pointing out what we knew for more than a year already.

Given the damage done to human life and people’s livelihoods, you would think the president would want to get to the bottom of this issue, especially when genetic evidence very strongly points to a gain-of-function virus that was made in a lab and could not really have come from nature.

He wants to hold people responsible for all kinds of things: for climate change, for racial inequity, for Covid’s continued spread in the US (the evil “unvaccinated”), for the January 6th riot, etc.

But he doesn’t seem interested in holding the people responsible for the greatest natural catastrophe in recent history.

More people have died from Covid in the US than died in the Civil War, yet Biden can’t be bothered to seriously go after his Chinese friends. That, to me, seems like an impeachable offense, especially considering the money his family has made from their Chinese business dealings.

The logical incoherence of wanting to impeach one president for frivolous charges of talking to Russia before the election, which in itself is not illegal, and let the other one off Scot-free for absolving the most powerful Communist party in the world for its part in unleashing Covid because his son got paid a couple of million bucks is just mind-boggling.

More than that, it’s terribly immoral and self-destructive. Some people in this country would rather see their real enemies escape responsibility for malign actions against the US while at the same time wanting to harshly punish their own countrymen for either imaginary offenses or trivial ones.

Those people are truly the new useful idiots of our enemies. We ultimately overcame such actors during the Cold War, and hopefully can do so again in these most strange of times.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.