Cases declined but quarantines rose in Fayette schools last week

Covid report for Fayette schools for week of 9-11 to 9-17.
Covid report for Fayette schools for week of 9-11 to 9-17.

Fewer school staff members got sick with Covid-19 last week than the week before, while student infection numbers remained nearly the same, according to the system’s weekly report posted Sept. 17.

The new case number last week was 49, compared to 58 the previous week, but both home and modified quarantine numbers rose 37%, according to the weekly system report.

New student cases tallied at 45 last week, compared to 43 the previous week. New teacher and staff member cases stood at 4 on Sept. 17, compared to 15 on Sept. 10.

Close contact quarantines rose to 130 last week, compared to 71 the previous week, while at-home quarantines rose to 25, compared to 20 the week before, the report showed.

Across Fayette County’s population generally, the 2-week new-case percentage rose to 9.3%, compared to 9.1% the previous week. That rate of positive Covid tests for a 2-week period has risen steadily from under 1% in mid-July to its current high of a little over 9 positive results for every 100 Covid-19 tests administered to Fayette residents.

Fayette recorded 283 new cases during the period from Sept. 11 through Sept. 17, according to data from the Georgia Department of Public Health. That brings Fayette’s pandemic total to 9,055 cases, 473 hospital admissions and 183 confirmed Covid-caused fatalities, as well as an additional 18 deaths suspected to have been caused by the coronavirus.

The state has tallied 1.18 million Covid cases from start of the pandemic to now, DPH data shows, with 21,235 fatalities.

Meanwhile, the Covid vaccination message has made an impact on Fayette, which remains the leader in the state of Georgia with 57% of the county’s population recorded as fully vaccinated (64,353 residents) and 63% having received at least one dose. Statewide, 46% are fully vaccinated and 53% have received at least one dose, DPH said.