Traffic stop brings multiple drug charges for Jonesboro woman

Tammy J. Harmon. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Tammy J. Harmon. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A Jonesboro woman wanted in three counties was stopped by a Peachtree City officer on Sept. 13 and went to jail after a quantity of different drugs was found in her possession.

Tammy J. Harmon, 58, was charged with trafficking offenses for suspected methamphetamine, crack cocaine and MDMA (Ecstasy), along with a number of traffic charges, according to Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt.

Police reports pertaining to the incident said an officer on Sept. 13 at approximately 2:41 p.m. conducted a traffic stop on a red Lincoln SUV on Crosstown Drive near Crosstown Court.

During the traffic stop, quantities of methamphetamine, MDMA and approximately 34 grams of suspected crack cocaine were seized.

Hyatt said the officer approached the vehicle and smelled marijuana and saw suspected drugs on the passenger seat,

Harmon was arrested and transported to the Fayette County Jail.

Hyatt noted that Harmon was wanted in Clayton, DeKalb and Walker counties.


  1. Those LOST IN SPACE, SUNKEN, BLEARY EYES and that OUTSTANDING, NIFTY LOOKING NECK TATTOO are TO DIE FOR! Her death, not mine! Clearly this woman has both a DRUG ADDICTION and a CRIMINAL PROBLEM. I hope that for her sake and that of those around her who may care for or love her – I pray that she gets the help that she so evidently and desperately needs. Being a drug addict is not a crime. It is an abberrant medical condition – a disease. Being a drug dealer is a crime and she will be sent to prison for it – as she should be. But it is never too late to seek medical, psychological and spiritual healing if you are willing to invite Almighty God into your life.

  2. I’m certain some family members are rejoicing at the idea of her cleaning up while in jail. Hopefully, after she gets through all the warrants, she’ll be a wiser person. These people are oblivious to the pain their families suffer.