Still no apology from Leo, the tie-dye Flakebook comedian on the school board


I waited over a week. People do dumb things in life and a sign of maturity is when our dumb act is brought to our attention, we consider how our act is seen by others, we take account, and when needed apologize for our actions.

To be clear, the apology is not because we offended some people (people are often offended) but rather the apology is for the lack of awareness and as a message that we understand how our actions are not reflective of who we believe we are as we try to be good people.

Since that self-reflection has not been evident and those in his circle have taken to publicly attempting to hide the dumb action by showing what a good guy this person really is, here`s my view.

Since I don’t spend time on Flakebook or any other septic media site, the story of the most recent School Board meeting had to be brought to my attention by others. Seems we have a tie-dye wearing, marijuana legalization advocating, Jerry Garcia wannabe on our school board who thinks it’s hilarious to live-stream and sarcastically comment on parents speaking to the school board about their legitimate concerns surrounding the response to Covid in our schools.

In the 16 years I’ve been in this county I’ve seen politicians go after each other, I’ve seen citizens challenge politicians, I’ve seen politicians and constituents debate, but I’ve never seen such an act of disgusting public disrespect by an elected official.

Many of these parents I’m sure overcame their own discomfort to talk in front of a crowd but felt the matter important enough to suck it up and stand and speak. They did it because they love their kids and have real concerns that actions like full-day masking are more damaging than protecting. The majority of studies on masking controlling respiratory virus spread show no statistical correlation but no matter, we must do something!

Not only do many of those in elected positions choose to ignore data and take the path of least resistance, at least one thought it peachy to deride and disrespect those parents who bring information to the Board.

The Board member in question, let’s just call him Leo the tie-dye guy acts like he believes that he is smarter than these parents; after all, they elected him. But this really just harkens back to my letter a few weeks ago about Democrats and their authoritarian ways.

What functional, fair-minded adult would do what tie-dye guy did? And for all of those following, commenting, and laughing along with the stream, you look like cowards hiding behind screens while concerned parents stand up to power.

The AJC caught wind of this childish act and cheered it. They love it when those few conservative counties that remain in ATL metro are lampooned from within … good job, tie-dye guy. I’m sure that you raised your numbers with the adolescent-minded of the county, apparently your core constituents.

If this fellow had an ounce of character, he would publicly apologize for his abhorrent act and then offer his resignation to the School Board. I don’t expect either.

In lieu of this, however, the rest of the Board must stand as one against this offensive act or be considered complicit. Publicizing a photo of tie-dye guy stepping in as a substitute kindergarten teacher and lauding that action does not undo the previous offense … account must be taken. Seems like “A Touch of Gray” does not include wisdom for some. Jerry would spin in his grave.

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Alan Felts,
    Where was your moral outrage the last 4 years? If you stayed silent then you should continue.
    Mr. Presberg’s posts on Facebook were far less offensive than this letter you posted. His posts were neither abhorrent nor offensive.
    However, your letter questions the intelligence of his constituents, criticizes the AJC and then you go on to make fun of his wardrobe and question his character. Have you ever even spoke to Mr. Presberg? What do you actually know about the man? Seems to me he has plenty of character. He steps up and helps the schools that are short staffed and didn’t become a board member just for kicks.
    I seriously doubt you’ve read one post he wrote on Facebook. Why don’t you meet the man and ask him the questions you need answered…And please save the faux outrage it’s tiring.

  2. Alan Felts is the latest to join the hypocrite parade.

    He insists that politicians apologize when they do dumb things like sarcastically comment upon constituents who are airing their legitimate concerns. He insists that politicians refrain from deriding and disrespecting their constituents. Indeed, if you laugh along with such a disrespectful politician, you are a coward. Anyone with an ounce of character would immediately apologize for this egregious behavior.

    Furthermore, the serious politicians that observe this disrespectful behavior have a responsibility to stand up to the offender. You might even say, they should vote to impeach such a disrespectful politician.

    Funny, I failed to see a single letter from Alan Felts decrying this behavior or advising impeachment from 2017 to early 2021 when the offending politician resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    You folks vociferously object to Presberg while giving a pass to Trump who routinely engaged in far more egregious disrespect for people who opposed him and on a much more consequential stage.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • PTC, you are correct. The point isn’t to exonerate Presberg – he should be held accountable for his behavior. However, the 45th president is far more culpable for the very behaviors being excoriated by this parade of hypocrites who can’t find the same vitriol to condemn much more consequential misbehavior than a local school board member.

        Are they willfully ignorant or merely simpletons? Either option is hardly compelling. I’m amazed that no rational conservative will call them out. Has the former president cowed every one of you?

        • I think it’s time you moved on from Trump. I get that you can’t cheerlead for that disaster in office now (particularly after Joe’s Reichstag speech last night), but your obsession with Trump isn’t advancing any point you might think you’re making.

    • That’s a big assumption. Not all who berate Leo supported Trump. I do not and have not supported either. I don’t like either and I don’t compartmentalize politicians from neighbors or any other social element. I’m wicked in that regard. If I don’t care for an aspect of someone, I probably don’t care for that person as a whole.

      • Thanks for the reply Doug. I’m glad that you still have a moral compass. Read any of Alan Felts’ letters to The Citizen, and you will see that I made no assumptions about his allegiances. Apparently, he is too blinded by partisan animus to see how ironic his letter is. The same for Edna King last week and many of the commenters.

        I hope you can maintain your political “peripheral vision.”

  3. I believe if you’re waiting for an apology from “Leo”, you might as well keep on waiting. I don’t believe he feels that he did anything wrong and therefore, why apologize? He doesn’t appear to care about impressing you or winning your support (or the support / approval of anyone else) with his actions and his lack of decorum, so he’s not going to change. Bottom line is this: he subscribes to a different set of values and standards than the majority of people who live OUTSIDE his district, that’s why he doesn’t represent any other district. But until someone from that North Fayette area decides they’ve had enough, and decides they want to serve selflessly and to contribute to the betterment of our schools, “Leo” is going to have that seat and he’s going to control you with his behavior. I believe the rest of the school board must know what a clown he is and I believe they just ignore him and his antics. I agree – live-posting derogatory comments during a public comment section of a meeting is uncalled for, but Leo’s gonna Leo, until the board or the voters step up.

    On a positive note, I applaud “Leo” for substitute teaching and filling in. I do think the timing of that article praising him was unfortunate, but nevertheless I appreciate his willingness to step in.

  4. I agree his behavior was uncalled for. Where do you think he got the idea that public mockery is now acceptable? If we denounce at the lowest levels of government, we must denounce at the highest level without exemption. Politics aside, we must all act like adults regardless of public office held.