Peachtree City 15-year-old charged with vandalizing restrooms at All Children’s Playground

Results of vandalism in restrooms at All Children's Playground. Photo/Peachtree City Police
Results of vandalism in restrooms at All Children's Playground. Photo/Peachtree City Police.

Peachtree City police have charged a 15-year-old male in connection with the Sept. 1 destruction in restrooms at All Children’s Playground adjacent to City Hall on Willowbend Road.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said the 15-year-old charged in the case is a local resident.

The destruction of handicap toilets and sinks in both restrooms came during the night of Sept. 1, according to police reports.

A portion of the destruction was posted on the department’s Facebook page.

The department on the post noted that a $750 reward is being offered for information leading to the identification and successful prosecution of those responsible for damaging the restrooms.

Those wishing to remain anonymous can still receive the reward. Phone tips can be made at 770-487-6010 of by visiting


    • Kids today are coddled and pampered by their parents and the community. I wouldn’t dare (fear of embarrassment) go out and trick or treat on Halloween back in my mid-teens for example; but today you have it and it’s encouraged, with echoes of, “let them be kids!” Well, agree Vics, have the 15 year old young man fix the damage himself and if he’s not sure how, I’ll show him how.

  1. Well done PTC Police Officers! You have my unwavering appreciation, support and respect for the great job that you continue to provide for our beautiful city! And YES, I TOO hope that this juvenile delinquent and any other accomplices and cohorts that he may have had are made to bear the fullest measure of the law for their wanton destruction of this property!

  2. As a somewhat frequent user of these facilities, this makes me pretty angry. Before COVID, my buddies from work and I parked at All Children’s and ran around the lake, and we made use of these restrooms. The restrooms at Riley Field are locked except when an event is going on because of prior vandalism like this, and this has been City Council’s approach- I can’t say I blame them. Obviously, there can’t be video surveillance inside the washrooms, but some could be put up outside. Signs with “vandalism will be prosecuted” and “under video surveillance” could be a deterrent. I hope they throw the book at the kid.